1. Holiday homes close to the cities of Valkenburg and Maastricht
  2. For 2 to 6 people
  3. Interesting investment opportunities

Buying a holiday home in Limburg

Are you considering buying a holiday home in Limburg? Résidence Valkenburg is a TopParken holiday park where numerous holiday homes are for sale in Limburg. The park is perfectly located 5 minutes from Valkenburg and 15 minutes from the city of Maastricht. This location makes the holiday park a popular holiday destination for local and foreign tourists and this makes it attractive to partially or completely rent out your holiday home in Limburg. You can purchase the house for your own use, as well, this way you can go there whenever you want. However, if you would like to invest and receive returns, you can opt for a combination of own use and rental or full rental.

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Investing in a holiday home in Limburg

Buying a holiday home in Limburg at TopParken is a clever investment. Nowadays, this yields more returns than traditional bank savings. If you opt for full rental, you'll receive a guaranteed net return per year. Keep in mind that you will not be able to use the house yourself. Would you like to receive a return and still use the house yourself from time to time? Then purchasing for partial rental could be interesting for you. With this kind of use, the return depends on the rental income. For both partial and full rental, the entire rental process is treated by our rental organization . Thanks to years of experience and cooperation with various tour operators, the TopParken holiday parks usually have a good occupancy throughout the year.

Holiday homes for sale in Limburg

Résidence Valkenburg

The South Limburg region is a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists. If you buy a holiday home in Limburg to rent it out, your guests will not only use the home but the wide range of park facilities, too. Furthermore, Résidence Valkenburg is close to tourist attractions such as Valkenburg and the city of Maastricht . The many cycling and walking paths that run through the hills of Limburg show this province from its most beautiful side. You can rent bicycles at the park, there is an outdoor swimming pool with a children's pool and a restaurant in Ibiza style. You and your guests will not miss anything during a holiday at Résidence Valkenburg.

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New in South Limburg! De Beekhoeve

Are you looking for a holiday home in South Limburg for your own use or including an interesting rate of return? Then a visit at Résidence Valkenburg will be the right place for you. A brand new type of holiday home has recently been introduced at the holiday park, the Beekhoeve.