Based on prognosis or guarantee

More and more people are choosing to buy a holiday home, and to have it rented out. There are two different forms of investment for receiving returns on the purchase of a holiday home.

1. Return based on rental income (prognosis)
With this manner of investing, you are choosing a combination of private use and rental. You will decide when you want to rent out the property, and when you want to use it yourself. When you release the property for rental, the rental organization will take care of the rental process.

The return you receive will depend on the property's rental income. With this manner of investing, you will have fixed costs, but your return may be higher than when you invest in a holiday home with a fixed return. And, in addition to receiving rental income, you will also be able to enjoy the property for yourself.

2. Fixed return (guarantee)
When investing in a holiday home with a fixed return, you know exactly how much return you will receive during a predetermined period. Moreover, you will not have any additional costs such as small maintenance. With this manner of investing, you will hand over the key immediately after you buy, and you will not be able to use the property yourself.

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