The benefits of purchasing a holiday home at TopParken

Purchasing a holiday home in the Netherlands may sound like a dream, but it can easily become a reality. Moreover, it is a good investment, because you have the possibility to rent out the home when you are not using it. This way, it will also provide a nice return. And all this is much easier than you might think. When you purchase a holiday home at one of the TopParken holiday resorts, the rental activities will be fully taken care of for you by our rental organization. Indeed, you will not have to worry about renting out and cleaning your holiday home. What a service!

TopParken has years of experience in the hospitality industry, and our holiday resorts have a high occupancy rate all year round. These are great conditions for deciding to (partially) rent out your holiday home! However, if you would prefer to purchase a holiday home by the sea for your personal use only, this is also not a problem. This way you will always have a lovely holiday address available to you.

Purchasing a holiday home in Noordwijk (by the sea)

For years, the Dutch Coast has been the most popular location in the Netherlands to purchase a holiday home in. This is partly the reason why the supply on the coast is scarce. Unfortunately, there are no more holiday homes for sale at our three holiday resorts on the coast. Take a look at our other holiday homes in the Netherlands

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New projects with lots of water involving luxurious holiday accommodations

At two beautiful locations with lots of water in our own country, TopParken has recently started working on new projects involving luxurious holiday accommodations. With these new projects, TopParken is matching its efforts to the needs of the guests even better. At the holiday parks, Park Westerkogge and Holiday Park Het Esmeer, the watery area is continued in the appearance of the park itself completely. For instance, all holiday accommodations are situated right at the water, and additionally include a sauna, a jacuzzi, and an outdoor shower.

Holiday Park Het Esmeer and Park Westerkogge are both situated at a very popular area with lots of water in our own country. Holiday Park Het Esmeer is located in Aalst (Gelderland), where the park is situated as a peninsula between the Esmeer and the Meuse. Park Westerkogge is located next to Hoorn (at 30 minutes from Amsterdam), at a short distance from the Markermeer and the IJsselmeer. The beach is easily reachable from Park Westerkogge as well.

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