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Buying a chalet in Gelderland

Did you know that the province of Gelderland is one of the most popular destinations for a domestic holiday? The largest province in the Netherlands has a lot to offer for the vacationer. From unique nature in the Hoge Park National Park Veluwe to endless shopping in cities such as Arnhem and Nijmegen. Moreover, Gelderland is easily accessible due to its central location. Enough reasons to buy your own chalet in Gelderland at TopParken, where you have a wide range of holiday parks to choose from. You can choose to buy the chalet for your own use or to rent it out partially or fully. The rental of your chalet provides attractive returns .

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Holiday parks in Gelderland

TopParken has a wide range of holiday parks in Gelderland. It is up to you at which park you want to buy a chalet and which parts are important for you. You will find an overview of the holiday parks in Gelderland below:

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There are no more new vacation homes for sale at Landgoed de Scheleberg. However, there are still some used models available through our partner, Continental Rekreatie. Take a look at this selection here.

Check out our selection of chalets on offer at our resorts in Gelderland below:

Résidence Lichtenvoorde

Resort Veluwe

Recreatiepark Beekbergen

Recreational park het Esmeer

Holiday park 't Gelloo

Bospark Ede

Holiday park de Wielerbaan

Holiday Resort De Witte Hoeve


Buying a chalet in Gelderland at TopParken

Buying a chalet at TopParken in Gelderland offers you many benefits. As a chalet owner you have unlimited use of the park facilities . This also applies to your guests if you choose to rent it out. Most parks offer facilities such as a swimming pool, catering facility, entertainment program, playing fields and bicycle rental. That means endless holiday if you buy a chalet in Gelderland.

Moreover, TopParken will take care of everything for you if you decide to rent out the chalet partially or completely. This means that TopParken takes care of the complete rental process . You have no work on this, but you do receive an interesting return, an ideal arrangement.


Has your interest been piqued and do you want to know more about buying a chalet in Gelderland at TopParken? You can request a brochure without obligation or immediately make a appointment with one of our advisers.

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