TopParken has 20 vacation parks in The Netherlands, a number of which are still under construction or development, in the best locations in our country, all in the middle of nature. You can buy a vacation home at these unique parks for yourown use, for rental, or a combination of both. You can also enjoy a well deserved vacation in your own country at all vacation parks.

History TopParken

TopParken is a family–owned business that has developed over the years into a specialist in the field of rental and sales of vacation homes, and exploitation of vacation parks. We like to take you back to then time when the Bergervoet family entered the recreation industry.

Founder Janus Bergervoet noticed in the 70s that more and more people returned to the same vacation address. That is why he started a company for the sales of chalets for consumers. With his innovative models, he caused an increase in the sales of chalets in The Netherlands in the 70s. Bergervoet soon saw that his customers were not only looking for high quality chalets, but also for the right locations with the right range of facilities and the right ambiance. So he started buying land at unique locations in The Netherlands and creating a special vacation experience by matching the range of facilities to the guest, among other things. Bergervoet has operated no less than 70 vacation parks over the years. Having this experience, it was time to take the next step.

In 2004 Bergervoet started TopParken, together with his children, Peter and Riekie, which consisted of various vacation parks. With TopParken they wanted to offer high quality vacation parks and accommodations in The Netherlands. A chalet was increasingly replaced by a full–fledged vacation home, equipped with all modern conveniences and amenities. Due to the success of the first TopParken vacation parks, expansion followed quickly on the Veluwe. In the years that followed, numerous new vacation parks were added. As a result, the family has been able to expand the vacation selection considerably. Right now, with no less than 20 vacation parks at unique locations in

the small family business has grown into a medium–sized player in the Dutch leisure market.


"To offer people the freedom to enjoy and/or benefit from a private holiday accommodation in The Netherlands."

Our holiday parks

Our holiday parks are situated at the most beautiful locations in The Netherlands. They allow you to truly unwind at your own holiday accommodation, ranging from basic to luxurious models. Our holiday accommodations are constructed with the highest achievable quality, guaranteeing a long lifespan.
The facilities are always made to match the wishes of our owners and guests. In addition, each holiday park offers the greatest outings. This is how we turn a normal vacation into a top-quality vacation in The Netherlands, allowing you to enjoy it for private use to its full potential! If you are an investor or partial lessor, we take care of everything as well. At TopParken, you are not just investing in a top-quality product and a top-quality location, we also deliver a top-quality yield!

The right offer of high quality
Our accommodations are always of the highest quality to guarantee a long lifespan. Each accommodation can be modified to match your preferences and features all modern conveniences, including our comfort services, and the accommodations and our holiday parks are all aimed at sustainability as well.

Owner of a holiday home at TopParken?

If you are the proud owner of a holiday home at TopParken, you want to be able to quickly and transparently view information about your property. We have developed a system for owners which offers you many advantages as a proprietor. Read more about the system here & log in directly.


"To offer people the freedom to enjoy and/or profit from a private holiday accommodation in The Netherlands all year long."

Working at TopParken

Are you looking for a challenging full-time job, a holiday job or an internship in the recreation sector? Come work for us!

At TopParken, you'll be working at the most beautiful holiday parks in The Netherlands. How many people can honestly say they always get a holiday feeling while at work? As a TopParken employee, you will be part of a young and dynamic organization that's constantly growing. Take a look at our job openings & internships.

Frequently asked questions about TopParken

Who is the owner of TopParken?

The owner of TopParken is Janus Bergervoet along with his children, Riekie Bergervoet and Peter Bergervoet. Founder Janus Bergervoet noticed in the 1970s that an increasing number of people returned to the same holiday address. That is why he started a company for the sale of chalets for consumers. In 2004, the Bergervoet family founded TopParken.

Where are the TopParken resorts situated?

The TopParken holiday parks are found throughout six provinces of The Netherlands. You can find the TopParken resorts in Gelderland, South Holland, North Holland, North Brabant, Limburg and Utrecht.

How many TopParken resorts?

There are 17 TopParken resorts in The Netherlands. You have the opportunity to rent a holiday home or camping pitch at 12 of these parks. The other holiday parks are currently still being developed. One of these parks is The Dutch Palm in Cuijk.