1. Holiday homes for sale in Brabant
  2. At a holiday park near Den Bosch
  3. Near the Loonse/Drunense Duinen

Purchase a holiday home in Brabant

Do you want to purchase a holiday home in Brabant ? Your own place for the holidays or in the weekends where you can fully unwind? That is an excellent idea. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Brabant and the Burgundian life for which the province of Noord-Brabant is well known. Because purchasing a holiday home in Brabant means enjoying rest, nature and unlimited coziness of Brabant. It is all possible at TopParken at our holiday park in Noord-Brabant, Résidence de Leuvert . The holiday park in Croimvort has a wide range of holiday homes , from large to small, at a quiet place at the park or rather at a more lively place at the park. Discover more about the selection and the advantages of purchasing a holiday home at a holiday park in Brabant.

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New! Sustainable holiday homes for sale

Résidence de Leuvert (Noord-Brabant) is the first TopParken vacation park with sustainable holiday homes.On the park, 16 brand new holiday homes are built without gas connection. The holiday homes are electrically heated and are for sale from € 205,128 incl. VAT and own plot, or from € 142, 593 incl. VAT on a rental plot.

Do you want more information about the park, the surrounding and the (sustainable) holiday homes? Request our brochure without obligations.

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Holiday homes for sale at a holiday resort in Brabant

What do you need to think about when you purchase a holiday home at a holiday resort in Brabant? Enjoy the unique location in nature with some great facilities all year round. Our holiday resort in North Brabant includes a heated outdoor swimming pool, catering facilities, playgrounds, sports fields, and much more. Add the fantastic surroundings to all that and you have something special! Holiday resort Résidence De Leuvert is located in Cromvoirt, just 15 minutes from Den Bosch. Very close to a pleasant city, but also close to the nature reserves the Biesbosch and the Loonse and Drunsense Duinen. A truly fantastic location!

If you purchase your very own recreational home in North Brabant, you can enjoy the tranquility of nature all year round. And do you want a break from all that peace and quiet to experience the Burgundian life? Visit Den Bosch or Eindhoven. And if that is not enough, national attractions such as the Efteling and Beekse Bergen Safari Park are only a short distance from the holiday resort.


If you buy your own recreation home in Noord-Brabant , you'll enjoy all the peace of nature all year round. And would you like to escape the tranquility and experience the Burgundian life? Then visit Den Bosch or Eindhoven. And if that isn't enough, national attractions such as the Efteling and Beekse Bergen Safari Park are not far from the holiday park.

Discover the holiday park and much more in Brabant

Are you interested in the purchase of a holiday home in Noord-Brabant but first of all you want to get to know the park? Then pay a visit to Résidence de Leuvert in Cromvoirt and discover all the beautiful things that Brabant has to offer. Make an appointment at location when it suits you. Would you like to receive more information first? Request our brochure without obligation.

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