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If you are the proud owner of a holiday home at TopParken, you want to be able to quickly and transparently view information about your property. We have developed a system for owners which offers you many advantages as a proprietor. Via the system it is possible, among other things, to check out the availability of your holiday home, change your details or block your home from being rented (which is convenient if you are craving a weekend getaway yourself, for example).


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What's to see after logging in?

  • Check out the availability of the holiday home immediately
  • Use the promotional link of your home
  • Make reservations immediately
  • Download your rental statements
  • Check out your achieved revenue
  • Easily change your information
  • Provide change requests with regard to your home
  • Download and pay invoices

Do you have questions about the system for owners, about your holiday home or any other question? Please contact us via or by calling 088 - 500 2424.

▶ Promoting your holiday home

Do you want others to be able to easily make a reservations for your holiday homes? Download a unique URL for your holiday home directly from the system. You can share this, for example, on your website, social media and by sending it in an email. When someone uses this link, he or she can immediately make a reservation for your accommodation.

▶ How to make a reservation for owners

Would you like to stay in your holiday home yourself? Make a reservation directly without any costs involved.

▶ Checking out the availability

Check out the real-time availability of your holiday home, per day, per week, per month or per year. This way you know exactly during what period your holiday home has been rented.

▶ View rental statements

In an overview, you can see all the rental statements, including the revenue of your holiday home that's been achieved.

▶ View your information

Simply and easily change your personal information or request a change of the content regarding your holiday home on the TopParken website.

▶ Viewing & paying invoices

Check out and download all outstanding invoices and pay immediately for them from within the system.


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