Buying a holiday accommodation in your own country

Buying a holiday accommodation in your own country means you get to enjoy a vacation at any time during the year. Go on a holiday when it suits you and when you're in need of one. Enjoy all facilities year round, discover new cycling and hiking routes in the area and go on great day outings.

As the owner of a holiday accommodation at TopParken, you'll benefit from many extras in addition to the joys of having your own holiday home. For instance, use of all facilities is free and you benefit from discounts and packages when enjoying activities in the area.

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Holiday accommodations for sale

Our 17 holiday parks in The Netherlands offer a choice from a wide range of different types of holiday accommodations and villas. All of them vary in type, size, model and price range. Whether you're looking for a two-person accommodation, a villa for ten persons or a wheelchair accessible accommodation, you'll find what you're looking for at TopParken.

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Why purchase a holiday home for private use?

  1. You can go on vacation whenever it suits you.
  2. If you want to avoid the hustle, you will always be able to visit your own holiday home.
  3. All holiday parks are situated at the most beautiful locations in nature.
  4. All of our holiday parks are located in The Netherlands, meaning you won't ever have to travel for more than two hours.
  5. You can furnish the holiday home yourself, this ensures it will always feel like home.
  6. There are many facilities for visitors of all ages at the park, including a swimming pool and playgrounds.
  7. There are sufficient parking spaces at the accommodation and at the park.
  8. It is your own holiday home, meaning you are free to invite friends and family without restrictions.
  9. It is better to invest your money than to have it sitting in your savings account, where it will barely provide you with any yields.
  10. The holiday accommodation may increase in value in the future, meaning you might make a profit when selling the holiday accommodation.
  11. You will purchase a holiday accommodation including the land the accommodation is located on (optional, you may also purchase the holiday home on rental land or on leasehold).
  12. All holiday homes are of first-rate quality.

Buying a holiday accommodation at one of our 17 holiday parks

Would you like to purchase a holiday accommodation in The Netherlands? Take a look at our large offer of 17 holiday parks in The Netherlands, situated at the most beautiful locations in nature. You will find the parks throughout The Netherlands, meaning there will always be a holiday park in the area that appeals to you. Select the province/area that suits you best & have a look at the overview of holiday parks.

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