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Vacation home rental

Buying a holiday accommodation for rental purposes

  • Buy and rent out a holiday home
  • Attractive returns
  • Wide selection of offers in the Netherlands

Interesting net return

Are you looking for a safe investment or an alternative for bank savings? Now that the Netherlands is increasingly becoming a more popular holiday destination in the coming years, investing in a holiday home could be quite interesting! When you purchase a holiday home at TopParken in order to rent it out, we can offer you a net return per year.

If you purchase a holiday home for full rental income, you will receive an interesting quarterly return on the rental income from your holiday home. Best of all, you will not have to lift a finger. Indeed, we take care of everything for you, so you can enjoy your investment in peace and quiet. Thanks to the unique location of our holiday resorts and the many facilities, our occupancy is high throughout the year.


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Of course you can also opt to partially use the holiday home yourself and to rent it out the rest of the time. You can read more about the possibilities here.


Rent out holiday homes through TopParken

TopParken has over 40 years of experience in the recreational sector and is now a true specialist in the field of renting and selling holiday homes. If you want to buy a holiday home for rented, then TopParken is the right place for you. Our rental organization has partnerships with partners such as and BungalowSpecials, which means that our holiday parks have high occupancy rates all year round. This offers you attractive returns if you buy a home to rent it out. Fully renting out a holiday home means that you will not make personal use of the home.

Our holiday homes

You will be able to choose from a large selection of holiday homes at the most popular locations in The Netherlands.

Holiday parks in all of the Netherlands

Thanks to our wide selection of offers, you have a lot of choice to buy a holiday home for rental. With 17 holiday parks in the Netherlands, there is always a location that appeals to you. You can buy and rent out a holiday home in the following provinces:

  • Gelderland - In the middle of nature, for example in the Veluwe or near the cities Apeldoorn, Wageningen or Ede.
  • Limburg - Between the Limburg hills and at a short distance from Valkenburg and Maastricht.
  • South-Holland - Located directly on the waterside of the IJssel, and Rotterdam and The Hague are located nearby.
  • North-Holland - Near the Marker and IJssel lake and at a short distance from Amsterdam and Haarlem.
  • Utrecht - In the middle of nature but also near the center of Utrecht.
  • North-Brabant - Near the Loonse and Drunsense Dunes and at 10 minutes from Den Bosch.

Do you want to receive more information about the possibilities at TopParken? Through the button below you can request our brochure, no strings attached. Of course you can also always get in touch with us for questions or additional information.