Buying a holiday home in the Netherlands is interesting right now!

Holidays in your own country are more popular than ever, the borders are closed and after a long period of sitting at home we want to get away from it all again. Buying a holiday home in the Netherlands is therefore interesting right now! If you choose to buy a holiday home in your own country, you choose security, a stable return and holiday pleasure . Even now enjoy a carefree holiday when you are ready or a guaranteed net return when renting out your holiday home.

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We will entirely unburden you

Last year the number of holiday guests at holiday parks increased by 12% compared to the previous year. The number of tourists in the Netherlands, both from home and abroad, continues to rise, which guarantees a high occupancy throughout the year. This makes it increasingly interesting to buy a holiday home for rental.

If you choose to let us rent out your holiday home, we will take care of everything, so you can enjoy your investment in peace without having to worry. Thanks to the unique location of our holiday parks and the many (indoor) facilities, our occupancy is high throughout the year.

Partly because of this, we can offer you an interesting annual net return on multiple locations in case you want to rent out your holiday home. When you invest in a holiday home and let it be rented by our own professional rental organization, we will entirely unburden you. We will take care of the rental process of your holiday home throughout the year.

Of course you can also opt to partially use the holiday home yourself and to rent it out the rest of the time. You can read more about the possibilities here.

An attractive net yield can be achieved

Thanks to our own rental organization, our cooperation with renowned tour operators like as well as our popular locations, occupancy at our holiday parks is high throughout the year.

At various locations, this allows us to offer you a net yield of 7% per year in case of full occupancy of your holiday home.

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You will be able to choose from a large selection of holiday homes at the most popular locations in The Netherlands.

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