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Our Rental Organization

Own rental organization


When you purchase a TopParken holiday home, you have the choice of using it for your own enjoyment or (partially) renting it out. If you choose to make your holiday home (partially) available for rent, our professional rental organization will take care of this for you entirely. Indeed, we shall immediately start to work on your behalf in order to achieve the highest possible occupancy/return. We take care of the entire rental process, from booking to cleaning.

We will be happy to tell you more about our rental organization, what we can arrange for you, and which partnerships you can directly benefit from.


1. The rental organization of TopParken.
2. What makes our rental organization so strong.
2a. TopParken Marketing
3. What does the rental organization handle for you.
3a. Personal owners environment
4. Our partnerships.

"We take the entire rental process out of your hands, from booking to cleaning."

The rental organization of TopParken

TopParken has its own rental organization with years of experience in renting out holiday homes at various locations in the Netherlands. Our rental organization consists of, among others, customer service employees, yield and revenue experts, a marketing team, an owners department as well as, of course, cleaning, reception, and grounds employees at our holiday resorts. All of these departments make up the success of TopParken's rental organization and have one goal together:

Getting the best return for you, the owner, and providing a fantastic holiday with valuable memories for our guests.

What makes our rental organization so great

The TopParken conglomerate as we know it today was established in 2004 as a project development and rental organization. This means that we are involved in the entire process, from the purchase of a new or existing holiday resort to developing this resort into a quality holiday resort that suits the wishes and demands of the current market. The new, high quality holiday homes are then offered for sale, after which our rental organization takes care of the rental process in order to achieve the highest possible occupancy rare.

By keeping the entire process under our own management and staying involved, we can draw a lot of valuable input from our knowledge and experience. We then use this to optimize our processes. We continuously collect information about the experiences of our homeowners and guests, and then incorporate this feedback into our existing (rental) processes. Our decades of experience and involvement in the entire process makes our (rental) organization, a reliable, professional partner in the leisure industry.

TopParken Marketing

Our marketing department carries out year-round marketing activities related to the rental of holiday homes in the Netherlands. Through both offline and online efforts, they ensure that TopParken is top-of-mind among potential bookers at the right moments. You will experience this when, for example, you are surfing the Internet, but also when you are watching TV or driving along the freeway.

All marketing activities, in collaboration with reliable partners, are carried out by TopParken itself, with a complete focus on its own website Partly because of this, we are not reliant on tour operators. Rather, our tour operators complement our efforts excellently. This marketing strategy not only demonstrably ensures a high occupancy rate, but has also resulted in us achieving the largest online growth of all holiday resort providers in the Netherlands for two years in a row, as independent research has shown.

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Buy a house TopParken
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TopParks commercial
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Commercial holiday parks TopParken

What does our rental organization do for you

When you set a date on which your property is "available for rent", our rental organization will start working for you immediately. From the moment the property is added to our professional reservation system, the property will automatically be included in various marketing campaigns. Also, it will be directly placed on the websites of our partnerships and you only have to sit back and wait for the reservations to come in.

Even when the reservation is made you will not have to worry about anything. Indeed, we take care of all communication towards future guests of your holiday home, ensure the property is clean, and arrange the key exchange at the holiday resort. At the resort, we will provide our guests with tips about the best activities in the area and we will make sure they have a fantastic time in your holiday home.

In short, "We take care of everything for you, from booking to cleaning."

Private owners' environment

As an owner of a TopParken holiday home, you have access to your private "owners' environment". In this owners' environment, you can find all kinds of information, such as the availability of your holiday home and the achieved rental income. You can also temporarily block your property, which can be useful if you want to take a weekend off for example. After purchasing the holiday home, you will receive a detailed manual about this system from our owner's department.

Our partnerships

In order to achieve the highest possible occupancy rate for your holiday home throughout the year, even in the low season, we have partnered with large, (inter)national travel companies. As a result, you are not dependent on a single rental organization, but benefit from the success of various, powerful parties. For example, we have a close partnership with both and Expedia. In addition, we also cooperate with several large companies within the Netherlands, such as:

✔️ Belvilla
✔️ BungalowNET
✔️ Voordeeluitjes
✔️ BungalowsNL
✔️ Parkvakanties

✔️ BungalowSpecials
✔️ Heerlijkehuisjes
✔️ Bestcamp
✔️ Hometogo
✔️ Bungalowparkoverzicht

In addition to these partnerships, we also have established collaborations with companies such as Coca Cola, Douwe Egberts, Rituals, and Blom Interiors. This means that these companies supply products and services to TopParken. In addition, they recommend TopParken as the premier holiday destination in the Netherlands and we regularly set up joint campaigns with these parties. These collaborations are therefore not only interesting for our guests, but also for you, the owner.

More information about our rental organization

Would you like to know more about our rental organization? Schedule a non-binding appointment with one of our consultants, they will be happy to tell you more!