Own professional rental organization

When you choose to purchase a holiday home for partial/full rental, our own professional rental organization will take care of the complete rental process for you.

Our rental organization has years of experience renting out holiday homes at various location in the Netherlands. Throughout the entire year, they will take care of the entire rental process for your holiday home. That means you can relax, and reap the profits of your investment without a care.

On the My TopParken website, you can indicate when you want to release the property for rental, and when you want to use the property yourself.

Partnerships with tour operators

To achieve a high occupancy rate, we work with reputable domestic and foreign tour operators. This means that you won't have to depend on just one rental organization, and you can take advantage of the success of various powerful parties. Some of the tour operators that we work with are:

  • Booking.com
  • BungalowSpecials
  • Bungalow.net
  • Interchalet

Further information
Request our brochure for further information about our own rental organization and/or purchasing a holiday home.

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