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Selling a holiday home

Selling a holiday home

  • In cooperation with Continental Rekreatie
  • Taking care of marketing and sales activities
  • Many years of experience in the industry

Selling a holiday home through Continental Rekreatie

Do you own a holiday home and plan to sell it? TopParken Sales helps you, in collaboration with recreation broker 'Continental Rekreatie', with the sale of your holiday home.  Years of experience in the entire process of selling new and second-hand holiday homes, makes us a specialist in the recreation industry. Continental Rekreatie takes care of everything for you during the entire sales process; from valuation by our expert recreation real estate agent to a professional photography session.

The sales process of Continental Rekreatie in 3 steps ⤵

No-obligation on-site intake interview

The sales process begins with a no-obligation on-site intake meeting. During this appointment, the advisor, who works at TopParken Sales and Continental Rekreatie, will get a good impression of the object to be sold. The location and other factors which are important when selling your holiday home will not be forgotten either. Based on this, the value of your holiday home and the corresponding asking price will be determined.
We will discuss your wishes and answer all your questions.

Since Continental Rekreatie is a premium partner of TopParken, the holiday real estate agent knows the location of your holiday home through and through. Moreover, there is a good chance that your holiday home was built by Continental Rekreatie, which allows us to expertly assess the value and technical condition of your holiday home.


Sales stimulation through marketing

After the intake interview and entering into an agreement, it is time to put the property on the market. This requires good-quality video and photo material; of the chalet, the holiday park, and the surroundings. This is provided by a professional photographer who specializes in creating such content. Together with a floor plan of the chalet, the chalet is then offered online. Through a wide range of (marketing) activities, it is then ensured that the advertisement reaches the right target group. This is done through:

  • Professional photography and videography
  • Forwarding to our partners (e.g.
  • Advertising based on search behavior (via Google Ads)
  • Open days at our holiday parks
  • Attention on

Paperwork, viewings and negotiation

In addition to all the activities listed above, Continental Rekreatie also takes care of all additional work for you, such as taking care of the paperwork, viewings, and negotiations. Naturally, the holiday real estate agent will be available throughout the entire process to give advice and answer all your questions.