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Buying a bungalow The Netherlands

Vacation bungalows for sale in the Netherlands

  • Investing in a high-quality bungalow
  • Bungalow for private use and/or rental purposes
  • 17 different holiday parks

Buying a bungalow in The Netherlands

Investing in a bungalow at a vacation park in The Netherlands with an interesting return, or to enjoy it yourself? At TopParken you can buy a high–quality bungalow at no less than 17 different vacation parks in The Netherlands, all suitable for both private use and to rent out.

If you buy a vacation bungalow at TopParken, you can take a break any time you want. Completely unwind for a while, and leave the grind of everyday life behind. On vacation whenever you want and enjoying the beautiful Dutch nature! The bungalows that are for sale at TopParken also offer excellent prospects when renting out fully or partially.


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Buying a bungalow as an investment

As mentioned, buying a bungalow at a holiday park is a financially interesting investment. It not only ensures more diversity in your portfolio, as it also delivers a high yield in case you (partially) rent it out. At TopParken, you can choose between two investment types when purchasing a bungalow in order to rent it out.

  1. In case you see your bungalow purely as an investment object and do not want to use it privately, you can rent it out at a guaranteed yield. In this arrangement, you start off knowing precisely how much you will receive in returns during a predetermined period of time, and you will not incur any extra charges such as small maintenance.
  2. In case you want to use your bungalow partially yourself and rent it out partially as well, you can do this at a yield based on forecast. In this case, the yield depends on when and how often you make the accommodation available for rent, as well as the rental revenues of the accommodation.

In both cases, TopParken will support you from start to finish in your investment, and you will make use of the full rental service offered by TopParken. This means you will not have to worry about any part of the rental process for your holiday home, but you will still get to enjoy the revenues.

Buying a bungalow at TopParken:

TopParken rental organization

When you choose to buy a bunaglow at TopParken in order to rent it out partially or fully, the TopParken rental organization will take care of the entire rental process for you. In case of renting it out partially, you can indicate when you make your accommodation available for rent yourself (online). With their years of experience in the rental industry, they will ensure that your holiday accommodation is used optimally and that you can enjoy your investment free of worries.

In order to achieve an optimal occupancy rate for your holiday bungalow, TopParken has been cooperating with renowned domestic and international tour operators for years. For instance, your holiday accommodation will be offered in a professional manner by agencies such as, BungalowSpecials,, and Interchalet. This means you can get optimal returns from your investment.

Buying a holiday bungalow for rental purposes

When purchasing a bungalow, it is important to decide beforehand whether you want to buy it for private use, rent it out, or a combination of both. In case you will rent it out, you will also have to take some aspects into account that may be important for your tenants.

These include the size of the holiday home, its location, how reachable it is, its facilities, and accessibility for persons with a disability or children. After all, a bungalow that matches the wishes of your target group may result in higher occupancy rates and rental revenues.

The high-quality bungalows of TopParken are situated at 17 holiday parks throughout The Netherlands. All of them are located at touristic, accessible, and attractive locations in The Netherlands. Because your bungalow is located at a holiday park, both you and your guests can use the facilities at the park. This means that no matter your tastes or wishes, there will always be a bungalow to be found at TopParken that will match your desires and demands.


Enjoying your investment at a luxurious holiday park yourself

Buying a bungalow at TopParken is significantly different from doing so at other holiday parks. Thanks to years of experience and professional support, TopParken not only ensures that your investment is in good hands, but that you invest in a luxurious experience as well.

The TopParken holiday parks are well-maintained, spacious in their layout, and have various facilities such as a heated swimming pool, playgrounds, sports fields, various restaurants, and/or well-maintained green spaces. The facilities vary per park, which means you can match your choice to your wishes in this respect as well when buying a bungalow. This way, you can enjoy your investment in a bungalow at a luxurious holiday park optimally.

Would you like to enjoy a smart investment at a luxurious holiday park too, with interesting returns? Contact us or request the brochure for more information!

The offer of bungalows in The Netherlands

Frequently asked questions

At which locations can I buy a bungalow?

TopParken has 17 holiday parks in the Netherlands where you can buy a bungalow. The extensive range offers bungalows in different price ranges and for various groups. You can also opt for attractive extras, such as wellness facilities at the bungalow or a direct location on the water.

At which vacation parks can I buy a bungalow directly on the water?

TopParken has three vacation parks with bungalows for sale on the water. Parc de IJsselhoeve on the IJssel in Zuid-Holland, Recreatiepark het Esmeer on the Maas in Gelderland and Park Westerkogge on the Markermeer in Noord-Holland. At these water–rich vacation parks you can fully enjoy a vacation on the water.

Are there also bungalows for sale on the Veluwe?

The Veluwe is a beautiful area to buy your own bungalow. Discover the selection at the five vacation parks from TopParken on the Veluwe. The bungalows on the Veluwe are all surrounded by nature; therefore, ideal for nature lovers. It is also interesting to start renting out the bungalow, considering the high demand for vacation homes on the Veluwe.