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Advantages of buying a holiday home

The advantages of buying a holiday home

Buying a holiday home has many advantages.
We would like to list these advantages for you. What the exact advantages are, depends on the reason for buying a holiday home. For example, a holiday home for private use gives you the opportunity to enjoy a domestic holiday at any moment you desire. If you choose to fully let the holiday home this has various fiscal advantages. When you combine both (most popular option), when the holiday home is partially let, you'll enjoy a combination of the advantages.

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✅ A second home in the middle of nature

Fully unwind in your holiday home in a natural area. By furnishing the holiday home like you wish, you truly turn it into a second home.

✅ Enjoy a domestic holiday at any moment you want

A private holiday home gives you the opportunity to enjoy a holiday at any moment you want, without being dependent on availability or having to travel for hours.

✅ The option to become the owner of the land

The holiday home is on the site of the holiday park of course, but you can become the owner of the land your home is on. The main advantage of this is that, should the holiday park be sold, for example, you will remain the owner of both the home and the land.

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✅ Interesting alternative to a savings account with a bank

Now that savings accounts yield very little to nothing and, in some cases, you even need to pay to save, it could be interesting to study the alternatives. Buying a holiday home in order to let it, is an interesting alternative. 

✅ It gives various fiscal advantages

One of the fiscal advantages is that when you let the home, you can reclaim (part) of the paid VAT from the Tax Administration.

✅ Professional letting agency

Partially through years of experience, our letting agency has all the knowledge and skills to professionally take care of the letting process. We work on creating nice holiday memories day in, day out.

✅ No need to worry about the letting process

The (partial) letting is fully taken care of; from the booking process to the cleanup and everything in between.

✅ Profit from the letting income from your holiday home

If you choose to (partially) let your holiday home, you'll profit from the letting income. This income depends on the occupancy of your holiday home. At TopParken we of course help you obtain the highest occupancy possible by

✅ We ensure the highest possible occupancy level

We do this by

  1. Setting up multimedia marketing campaigns
  2. Collaborating with large tour operators such as
  3. Cleverly respond to market demand, for example through determining the right price.

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✅ Profit from the popularity of domestic holidays

Holiday parks have in recent years been very popular with domestic tourists. Profit from the popularity of domestic holidays through your private holiday home on a TopParken holiday park.

✅ Invite your family and friends to enjoy your holiday home together

What's better than enjoying a nice stay with your friends and family in your private holiday home? You can of course also give them the option to use your holiday home at any moment you wish.

✅ Unlimited use of the holiday park facilities

You'll generally find various facilities such as an (outdoor) pool, restaurant, playground, or gaming room on a holiday park. As owner of a holiday home, you and your friends and family have unlimited access to these facilities.

✅ Working from home in a different location

Working from home has become an integral part of modern life. Move your workspace to your holiday home and enjoy total peace and quiet and, of course, the holiday feeling, simply during and after your workday.

✅ Choose from the most popular Dutch holiday destinations

The TopParken holiday parks are located in the most popular Dutch holiday destinations, such as the Veluwe, South Limburg, the Achterhoek, and various wetland areas. Curious about our parks, the area, and our organization? Check out an overview of our holiday parks here.

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