• Enjoy it yourself & benefit from an interesting return on investment
  • Various tax benefits
  • No worries about the rental process

Carefree on vacation & enjoying a profit

Throughout the year safely on vacation in your own vacation home in The Netherlands, and profit from an interesting return? It is possible at the vacation parks from TopParken!

If you want to purchase a vacation home in The Netherlands, you often have a choice out of two options. You purchase a vacation home solely for your personal use, or you purchase a vacation home that must be available to rent out throughout the year. At TopParken you also have a third possibility! You can namely choose to purchase a vacation home for your personal use and also rent it out.

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Personal use & rental

When you purchase a vacation home with a combination of personal use and rental, you determine when you want to use the vacation home yourself, and when it is available for rental. This way you enjoy vacation when you need it and you profit from an interesting return percentage. Purchasing a vacation home with a combination of personal use and rental also has various fiscal advantages.

Through a personal link you can indicate when the home is available for rental. From that moment, the rental organization from TopParken will get to work for you. They handle the complete rental process, from renting out up to the cleaning. You will then receive an interesting rate of return.


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Holiday homes at 17 great locations in your own country

At TopParken, you can choose from a large range of holiday homes and villas at 17 great locations in your own country. All these locations are located in the middle of nature. Whether you are looking for a 4-person holiday home by the water or an 8-person villa on the Veluwe, you will find what you are looking for at TopParken.

Would you like to get acquainted with our holiday homes and holiday parks? Then make an appointment without any obligations and experience it for yourself!

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Advantages of buying a holiday home for private use and rental

  • You can go on holiday whenever it suits you.
  • All holiday parks are located in the most beautiful locations in nature.
  • It is better to invest your money than to keep it in your savings account where it hardly yields returns.
  • You decide when you want to use the home for yourself and when the property can be rented.
  • You will receive an interesting quarterly rate of return on the rental income of the home. This depends on how often the property is made available for rent, of course.
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