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TopParken - The premier holiday home broker

Are you looking for a holiday home in the Netherlands, but are you finding it difficult to know where to look because of the many offers? TopParken is the premier holiday home broker who can help you in your search for a holiday home. We have over 40 years experience as a recreation and holiday broker in the Netherlands, which is why we are more than capable of helping you find what you need.

Why choose TopParken as your holiday broker?

Years of experience - Over 40 years of experience in the leisure industry.

▶ Throughout the Netherlands - A range of 17 holiday resorts.

▶ Complete freedom - You decide how you want to use your property.

▶ Worry-free investing - Our professional rental organization will take everything of your hands.

▶ Optional spa - Opt for a holiday home with a sauna or spa.

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The premier holiday broker of the Netherlands

Would you like to invest in a holiday home? TopParken is the place to be. Indeed, as a holiday broker, we sell holiday homes which include private plots, private parking, and complete gardens and patios. In addition to expert advice and professional guidance, we also offer a high degree of flexibility. You are completely free to decide how you want to use the holiday home. As a holiday home broker we offer the following possibilities:

▶ Personal use - A holiday home for your personal use, i.e. you will not rent the home out commercially. You can go on holiday when it suits you and you can style the holiday home as you wish. Please note: permanent residence is not allowed.

▶ Combination of personal use and rental - You decide when the property is available for rent and when you want to use it yourself. You can benefit from having your own holiday home while still receiving a return on the rental of the home.

▶ Full rental- If you choose to fully rent out your holiday, you will not be able to use it yourself. However, you will receive an interesting net return per year and the entire rental process will be handled by our professional rental organization.

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Holiday broker throughout the Netherlands

As an expert holiday home broker, our offer is spread throughout the Netherlands in 17 different holiday resorts. For example, you can choose a holiday home on the Veluwe, a holiday home on the waterfront, or a holiday home in the hilly landscape of Limburg. Furthermore, you can choose to upgrade your holiday home with spa facilities at all of these resorts. We offer the option of installing a sauna, a spa, and/or an outdoor shower in the garden of the holiday home for an additional fee. Not only is this attractive for yourself, it also makes your holiday home more attractive for the rental market.

Please choose the province you are interested in below:

A holiday home in Utrecht
A holiday home in North Brabant
A holiday home in Limburg
A holiday home in Gelderland
A holiday home in South Holland
A holiday home in North Holland

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What can we do for you as a holiday home broker?

You can contact us in various ways. For instance, request a brochure of your preferred holiday resort. Do you prefer personal contact? Then you can also make an appointment directly with one of our consultants. In a personal consultation, all your questions will be answered and our consultant will show you around the resort and several show models.

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