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Which income tax box applies to a second home?

For income tax purposes, a second home/holiday home is taxed in box 3 (savings and investments) at the WOZ value. This is under the condition that the holiday home is not used as the primary residence.

What are the options for investing in a holiday home?

It is possible to invest in a holiday home at TopParken. The occupancy rate at our parks is high, so you will be able to gain an interesting return on your investment. You can choose to invest based on prognosis, meaning you are in control of your holiday home, or invest based on guarantee, meaning you hand over the care for your home, and you won't have to worry about anything.

Where can I find the current selection?

At TopParken, you can purchase a holiday home for private use, or you can purchase a holiday home and (partially) rent it out.

Click here for the current selection of holiday homes for (partial) private use.

Click here for the current selection of holiday homes for full rental.

Exactly what does a net return entail?

The market regularly advertises high returns, from which various fees still have to be deducted. At TopParken, the net return is the actual net return. No fees will be deducted afterwards. You will be informed of the cost of the investment in a transparent manner.

When are the open house days?

TopParken regularly organizes open house days, which are a great opportunity to get to know the holiday park, the surroundings, and the holiday homes. During these days, the holiday park is in the spotlight, and you will be able to take advantage of special offers. Click here for the open house days calendar.

How does financing for a holiday home work?

TopParken has a close working relationship with a number of banks and financial institutions. They can organize an attractive mortgage or financing package for you, for the purchase of a holiday home on a gorgeous lot. In addition to providing advice on financing, banks and financial institutions can also help you take out the necessary insurance policies at an attractive price.

Is permanent residence allowed a the parks?

Permanent residence is not allowed at our parks, unless it is permitted by the relevant zoning plan.