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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about buying a vacation home

Are you interested in purchasing a holiday home in the Netherlands but do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us so that our advisors can advise and inform you. Fill in the contact form or contact us by telephone on 088 - 500 2444.

What are park service contributions/park costs and how high are these costs per year?

At TopParken we stand for service, and we would also like to offer you this as the owner of a vacation house. To be able to also offer this service optimally during your stay, you pay a park service contribution (also known as park costs). The park service contribution is, therefore, an annual fee that you as owner pay for the right to stay recreationally (certain periods) at our park and use all available facilities. Equal to the fee that our (other) guests pay for their stay, this fee also serves to cover the costs for maintenance of the infrastructure at the park, maintenance and use of the facilities, and for security at the park (think of gates/entrance gates).

The park service contribution is indexed annually by Centraal Bureau Statistiek (CBS); the costs may differ per project. Our advisers can calculate the park service contribution for you per project. Request more informationor plan a consultation appointment without obligation.


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