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Frequently asked questions about buying a vacation home

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How can I finance a vacation rental?

The conditions and possibilities for investing in a vacation rental vary by financial institution. To know the exact terms, it is advisable to talk to a financial institution that can assist you in financing a vacation rental. Another option is to finance the vacation rental by using the surplus value of your current home. This financing option depends on the outstanding mortgage amount on your current home and its value. In addition, it is also vital that your income is sufficient to meet the additional expenses.  We would be happy to tell you more about the various financing options.

Can I take out a mortgage to purchase a vacation rental?

It is possible to take out a mortgage to purchase a vacation rental. However, financing a second home is trickier than financing a residential home. Read more about taking out a mortgage for a second home.

What are the tax aspects of buying a vacation rental?

The tax aspects depend on the purposes of the vacation rental:

  • Vacation rental for full private use;
  • Vacation rental for partial private use / partial rental;
  • Vacation rental for full rental.

At we are happy to discuss further the tax issues involved in purchasing and owning a vacation rental.

In which income tax box is a vacation rental taxed?

For income tax purposes, the income from renting out your vacation rental is classified as income from investments and savings, which is in Box 3. This income consists of a flat rate of return that depends on the sum of your total assets.

The rate of notional return shall amount to a minimum of 0.13% and a maximum of 5.60% (2019 rates). The notional return is calculated based on the difference between the value of the vacation rental and any remaining assets, minus any loans taken out when the vacation rental was purchased and any other debts as of January 1 of any year. The Box 3 tax rate is 36% (2024 rate).


What taxes should I take into account on rental income?

Regarding rental income from a vacation rental, you must take into account low tariff VAT charged on the rental fee. VAT is given on rental income, which must be remitted to the Dutch Tax Administration. The low tariff VAT applies to the renting of vacation rentals, which entails taxation of this income. It is important to be well informed about these tax obligations and seek advice from a tax consultant if necessary.

When can I reclaim VAT when buying a vacation rental?

Have you purchased a vacation rental that you also make available for rent, be it partially or completely? If so, you can reclaim some or all of the VAT you paid on the vacation rental from the Dutch Tax Administration. 

The Dutch Tax Administration states that you can reclaim the VAT charged on the purchase of the vacation rental if there was exploitation of the property to generate income from it. According to the Dutch Tax Administration, there is entrepreneurial activity if the vacation rental is regularly rented out. There is no 140-day minimum of rentals attached to this, as is often claimed. More information on tax issues.

Would you like more information on calculating the amount of VAT to be reclaimed? Our consultants will gladly explain it to you. For this, please contact us with absolutely no strings attached.

Which factors affect the profitability of a vacation rental?

The return on investment of a vacation rental depends on several factors. For example, vacation rentals located in popular tourist destinations attract more visitors. In addition, the park facilities, the general appearance of the holiday park and the vacation rental are essential for attracting guests. The rental agency also plays an important role: a company with broad reach and a strong marketing strategy can help attract a larger and more diverse audience.

What does a fixed net return mean?

The market regularly advertises high returns from which various costs are subtracted afterwards. At TopParken, net is truly net; your ROI is communicated to you in a transparent manner. That way you will know exactly what your net take-home pay is. For example, with a guaranteed net return, you pay no park service fee, energy costs, or maintenance fees. The only costs you have to pay yourself from your return are the cost of insuring the property and municipal charges. 

Schedule a no-obligation consultation appointment with one of our consultants, or visit one of our information days. Our consultants will be happy to provide you with information.

What does a variable return mean?

With a variable return, returns are directly linked to market trends and the occupancy rate of the property. This means that your returns can fluctuate based on how well the property is rented out. An advantage of having a variable return is the flexibility for owners to use the property for themselves without restriction when it is not rented out. Managing availability for rental and personal use requires wise planning to ensure that your return is not negatively affected.

What is a realistic return on investment?

A realistic ROI will depend on factors mentioned earlier on this page, such as location, park facilities, and the rental agency. Generally, a return of 5 to 7 percent is considered typical. However, this is merely an estimation and may vary based on the performance of the vacation rental, market demand, and management of the vacation rental. It is important to consider these factors carefully when assessing the potential of an investment in the hospitality industry.

In what ways can you invest in a vacation rental?

There are several ways to invest in a vacation rental. For instance, you can purchase the vacation rental for personal use, or for the purpose of buying it for both personal use and rental. We provide a full service to investors from start to finish, ranging from achieving the highest possible occupancy rate through our marketing campaigns to the settlement of finances. Through the owner portal, you have insight into the rent, occupancy, and financial results of your vacation rental.


About our vacation rentals

Where can I find the current sales offer?

At TopParken we have different types of vacation rentals on offer, optionally expandable with private spa facilities and a storeroom. You will find the full offer here.

Does the purchase of the vacation rental include the land it is situated on?

At TopParken, you can buy a vacation rental including the land. This way, you not only become the owner of the property but also of the land on which the property stands. Of course, there is no obligation to buy the land, it is also possible to rent or lease the land on which the vacation rental is locate Depending on your budget and your needs, this can be fine-tuned with you in a personal meeting.

What are the advantages of investing in a TopParken vacation rental?

Investing in a vacation rental at TopParken offers several advantages. First, you have the option to use your vacation rental as much as you want, while also earning an attractive return. Second, TopParken's vacation rentals are located in unique and attractive locations in the Netherlands, which increases their potential return. In addition, TopParken works with large, reputable parties for rental support, in addition to our own website. These collaborations increase the reach and visibility of your vacation rental, helping to maximize the occupancy and return on investment. Read the benefits by type of purchase here.

What should I pay attention to when buying a vacation rental?

When buying a vacation rental, there are some crucial considerations to keep in mind. Start with the question "What is my reason for purchasing a vacation rental, and what do I hope to accomplish with it?" Having a clear goal for purchasing your vacation rental is essential. Once you have this goal in mind, there are several important elements to consider. Read more about what to look out for when buying a vacation rental here.

What is the process of purchasing a vacation rental?

When you want to buy a vacation rental, it is prudent to know what steps you need to take in order to make it a success. Read all the steps of the purchase process here.

Can I permanently live in a vacation rental property?

No, permanent residence of a vacation rental is not allowed, because a vacation rental at TopParken is intended solely for recreational use. You do have the right to unlimited recreational use of the property. The distinction between recreational and permanent use is an important aspect of vacation rental regulations, designed to ensure the recreational nature of the holiday park and the availability of housing for tourism purposes.   Read more about permanent residence at TopParken here.

How many days a year are you allowed to live in a vacation rental?

Owners of a vacation rental may stay at the holiday park year-round. However, it is not allowed to consider the vacation rental as your main residence, as our holiday parks are registered with the municipality under recreational zoning.

As a buyer, can you choose from different inventory packages?

As a buyer, you can choose from several inventory packages for your vacation rental. These uniform packages are offered so that we can quickly replace furniture in the event of any damage.

How large are the plots?

The size of the lots can range between a size of about 200m² to 800m².

I wish to sell my vacation rental, how does this work?

If you want to sell your vacation rental, you must first offer it for sale to TopParken. As the seller, you have the freedom to determine the asking price and terms of the sale. TopParken has a right of first refusal to these conditions before the property is offered to others.


Rental opportunities

Is it possible to rent out my property myself?

No, it is not possible to rent out your vacation rental by yourself. Renting out your vacation rental is handled by our rental agency.

Who takes care of renting out my vacation rental?

More and more people are deciding to purchase vacation rentals in order to rent them out. At TopParken, you can choose to rent out your vacation rental all year round or just a portion of the year. You are free to decide when your property is available for rent and when you want to use it yourself. Rentals are handled by our rental agency, which handles the entire rental process for you, from check-in to cleaning. You will be completely taken care of and can therefore benefit from your investment with peace of mind. Of course, you can specify (online) when you release the property for rental and when you wish to use the property yourself. Read more about our rental agency here.

Am I required to rent out the vacation rental?

No, of course you are not required to rent out the property. You decide whether to rent out the vacation rental year-round, to rent it out partially, or not to rent it out at all. This is entirely up to you.

Do I need to establish a company if I want to rent out my vacation rental?

No, establishing a company is not necessary if you buy a vacation rental property in order to rent it out. As a private owner, you can apply for a VAT number and will be registered as an entrepreneur without a Chamber of Commerce registration. This allows you to offset VAT in your tax filings, usually quarterly, but also monthly or annually upon request. However, you will need to comply with (limited) administrative obligations. Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about this.

Are there any restrictions on the period when I can use the vacation rental myself?

At TopParken, there is no restriction on the period when you, the owner, can use the vacation rental yourself: the use is unlimited. As the owner, you have complete freedom to decide how much and when to use the vacation rental and whether or not to rent it out. This flexibility allows you to enjoy your investment at your convenience, while also allowing you to generate income by renting out the property when you are not using it yourself.

Is there parking available at the vacation rental?

Yes, there is always 1 parking space available for owners or tenants at each vacation rental.

How are the WiFi connection and other utilities arranged?

The vacation rentals are equipped with all modern conveniences, including an excellent WiFi connection. In addition, all homes are fully connected to utilities such as gas, water, and electricity (if applicable). This means that the homes are fully functional and ready to use, with the comforts and amenities you are used to at home.


Holiday park

How much is the park service fee?

At TopParken, we strive for the best possible service, including for our owners. In order to provide the best possible service during your stay, you will have to pay an annual park service fee (also called a park fee). This fee entitles you to stay (for certain periods of time) at the holiday park and use all the facilities provided, equal to the fee paid by other guests during their stay. The park service fee covers costs for maintenance of the holiday park infrastructure, facilities, and security (think barriers/access gates).

The annual park service fee is indexed annually by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), costs may vary from project to project. For each project, our consultants can calculate the park service contribution for you. To do so, please ask for more information or schedule a no-obligation consultation appointment.

As a vacation rental owner, may I use all the facilities?

Yes, as a vacation rental owner, you and your (grand)children may use all facilities at the resort for free.



What insurance policies should I take out?

We strongly recommend that you purchase certain insurance policies to minimize your financial risks. Although not all insurances are mandatory, it is wise to purchase the following insurance policies:

  • Home insurance: this insurance covers the vacation rental itself from damage or loss caused, for example, by fire, storm, or water. 
  • Home contents insurance: this insurance protects the content of your vacation rental, such as furniture, electronics and personal belongings from damage or loss due to theft, fire or flooding, for example. 
  • Liability insurance: this insurance covers the financial risks if you are held liable for damage or injury to tenants or their belongings while they stay in your vacation rental.

Which contracts apply to any agreement entered into with TopParken?

When entering into an agreement with TopParken for the purchase of a vacation rental, several contracts apply. Initially, you sign a purchase agreement, which formalizes the purchase of the property, including the associated lot and any additional amenities This contract lays out the terms of the sale. In addition, you will receive the General Provisions that apply to the resort, which stipulate such things as the use of common facilities, maintenance, and any applicable resort contributions. It also details the fees for the resort, including any service charges or contributions to community facilities. These documents collectively form the legal basis of your purchase and your relationship with TopParken.

What does the disclosure "You are investing outside of AFM supervision" mean?

Like many other recreational real estate providers, TopParken is required to post a statement saying "You are investing outside of AFM supervision". In the Netherlands, it is required by law to possess a license obtained from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) if you offer investments. However, such an AFM license is not required if an exemption applies. This exemption applies, for example, to investment properties valued at more than €100,000. You can read more about this at

Can I be registered as a resident in the Municipal Personal Records Database?

No, you are not allowed to register with the municipality. Permanent residency is not allowed at our resorts. This is due to the fact that all of our resorts are registered under recreational zoning designations, rather than residential zoning designations.

Misconceptions about permanent residency

There have been quite a few misunderstandings about permanent residency. Being registered somewhere other than the holiday park does not mean that you automatically have your permanent residence there.

Example 1
You have a vacation rental in the municipality of Ede and you rent a room from a friend or family member at an address in Wageningen, at which you are registered in that municipality. While you live there on paper, in reality you live in your vacation rental home in Ede for all or the majority of the year. Even then, according to the rules, your vacation rental is your permanent residence or domicile. The other address is just a bogus address.

Example 2
In summer, you live in your vacation rental in the municipality of Ede. In winter, you interrupt that for a stay abroad. This also constitutes permanent residency of your vacation rental. After all, you have not moved, you are just taking a break. In the Netherlands, you continue to formally live at the address of your vacation rental.

What is the difference between 'buyer's costs' and 'deed-in-hand'?

Plus costs means that the buyer pays not only the purchase price of the home, but also additional costs such as notary fees and land registration fees. Vendor paying the legal means that these costs are borne by the selling party.

When can I view a vacation rental?

We cordially invite you to visit our holiday parks every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to view our vacation rentals.

Can I make an appointment for a personal consultation?

That is certainly possible. We will gladly help you with all your questions, requests and needs, and will gladly inform you about the possibilities of investing in a vacation rental in the Netherlands. Make an appointment, or contact us at +31 (0)88 500 2444 or