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What to pay attention to when buying a holiday accommodation?

Buying a holiday accommodation is an interesting investment. But when you plan to buy a holiday accommodation, there are various factors you should take into account. For instance, it is good to decide beforehand what your available budget is for buying a holiday home.

The area of the holiday accommodation

First of all, there is the area. Are you looking for a holiday home at a peaceful and remote location surrounded by nature, or rather in the vicinity of a large city? A combination of both is an option too, of course. If you are a sportive holiday maker, a location with a beautiful landscape and good hiking and cycling routes will be ideal. On the other hand, a bon vivant might primarily consider the cultural and culinary offer in the surrounding area.

Facilities of the holiday park

When you buy a holiday home at a holiday park, you can use the facilities at the holiday park. It varies per park what facilities these are. So if you would like to have a swimming pool, catering venues or sports facilities at your accommodation, it would be good to find out which holiday park matches your wishes.

The type of holiday accommodation

The type and size of the holiday accommodation are important too, of course. Are you looking for a holiday accommodation for two, or rather a spacious villa for the entire family? And what is important to you when it comes to the model and interior? For instance, would you prefer many windows for a lot of natural light, a modern or rather a classic holiday home, or a large garden? These considerations make it important to get insight into what criteria your holiday home should meet. Every TopParken holiday accommodation has a private parking space.

Of course, it is very important to determine whether the holiday home is suitable to rent out. The location, the number of rooms, the interior and the facilities are a major factor in this. At TopParken, you will find a spacious offer of all kinds of holiday homes, meeting the criteria above and which are additionally all suitable to rent out. You will be able to choose from holiday homes at as many as 17 top locations in The Netherlands.

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Returns of a holiday home

Naturally, it is important to consider the purpose for which you will buy the holiday home. Are you planning to primarily use it yourself, or do you want to rent it out fully or partially? Renting out your holiday home when you are not using it yourself will, of course, provide you with additional returns. When you want to offer the home for rent, it goes without saying that it is important that both the accommodation and the location are attractive not only for you, but for potential tenants as well. Definitely something to keep in mind when you are selecting a holiday home.

Another thing to pay attention to when buying a holiday home is the land on which the home is situated. At TopParken, you have the option to buy the accommodation including land, but this is not mandatory. You could choose to rent the land or to get it on leasehold.

How does renting out your holiday home work?

TopParken has its own professional rental organization, which will take care of the entire rental process for you. You can choose to rent out your holiday accommodation fully or partially. Thanks to our cooperation with many national and international tour operators, we are able to realize a high occupancy rate. This will allow you to profit from your investment free of worries.

TopParken's benefits and service

Buying a holiday accommodation can be an excellent investment, but also a great way to devote your money. Especially when you decide to rent the holiday accommodation out. TopParken has holiday accommodations available in various price categories. Before buying a holiday accommodation, always make sure to get informed thoroughly by a professional financial adviser.

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More about buying a holiday accommodation?

Have you always wanted to buy a holiday accommodation at a top location? Investing in a holiday accommodation could provide you with interesting returns, depending on your decision to either rent out the holiday accommodation or not. Thanks to its professional rental organization, TopParken enjoys a high occupancy rate at the holiday parks. This makes renting out the holiday accommodation extra attractive. If you would like to receive more information, request our brochure free of commitment today.

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