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Holiday homes for sale on the waterfront

Buy a holiday home at the waterside

  • Holiday homes right on the waterside
  • Includes your own plot
  • In Utrecht, North Holland, South Holland, and Gelderland

Buying a holiday home on the water

Do you want to go on holiday all year round in your own holiday home on the water and benefit from an interesting return? This is possible at the water-rich holiday parks of TopParken. TopParken has several water-rich holiday parks in the Netherlands with all important aspects for water lovers. Many water sports activities are possible around the parks and there are of course fishing possibilities.

At one of our parks, Park Westerkogge in Berkhout, there are still a few holiday homes for sale right on the water.  There is a marina at Recreatiepark het Esmeer in Aalst and various types of holiday homes with a unique view over the Maas are for sale. Are you looking for a holiday home in the Randstad, but also on the water? Take a look at the water-rich Parc de IJsselhoeve, located near Rotterdam and directly on the IJssel.

Would you like to know more about our water-rich holiday parks? Request our brochure without obligation.


Tip! Holiday homes right on the water are very popular with holidaymakers.

Range of vacation homes on the water

Resort Lexmond

Park Westerkogge

Parc de IJsselhoeve

Recreatiepark het Esmeer


Why buy a holiday home at the water?

  • An interesting yield when renting out your holiday home.
  • If you choose to (partly) rent out your holiday accommodation, our rental organization will take care of everything for you.
  • Make unlimited use of the facilities at the holiday park, such as swimming pools, sports fields, playgrounds, catering venues, and much more.
  • Buy your holiday home with a reliable organization like TopParken, with years of experience in the recreation industry.

The benefits of buying a holiday accommodation

Would you like to buy a holiday accommodation at a holiday park at the water? If so, you will definitely find what you are looking for at TopParken. Each holiday park is different, but they have some things in common as well. For one thing, they are all situated at a unique location in nature. If you will rent the accommodation out completely or in part, these facilities will be available to your guests as well. The TopParken holiday parks usually have high occupancy rates, which makes renting the home out an attractive option for you. For the rental process, TopParken cooperates with tour operators, among others. Take a look at all benefits here

A short summary of the advantages:


    If you decide to rent out the home, you will receive an interesting return. 

    Professional rental organization

    If you opt for renting out, this will be fully taken care of by our rental organization.


    You and your guests can make unlimited use of the top facilities that are available at the vacation park.

    Reliable partner

    TopParken has many years of experience in the recreation industry, which makes it a reliable organization.


Buying a vacation home at a TopParken vacation park

If you decide to buy a vacation home at a vacation park on the water, TopParken is the right place for you. You can buy vacation houses from us for a maximum of 6 people. The homes are modern and luxuriously furnished, so that you benefit from the comfort of home, but at the same time enjoy the real vacation feeling thanks to the beautiful location on the water. Each vacation park is different, but they also have things in common. They are namely all located in a unique location in nature.  If you are going to rent out the vacation home fully or partially, these facilities will also be available for your guests. The TopParken vacation parks generally have a high occupancy rate, which makes renting out an appealing option for you. For renting out, TopParken works together with tour operators, among others.


More information about buying a recreation home

Would you like to receive more information about buying a vacation home at TopParken?  Then request our brochure without obligation. Would you like to see the vacation park for real right away? Then schedule an appointment with one of our advisors at the park.  Our advisors take the time to answer all of your questions and walk you through the entire process.


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✦ Can I also buy a vacation home from you solely for personal use?

That is possible! Imagine spontaneous weekends away with family or friends; a summer vacation as long as you want and not taking the occupancy of your home into account. You buy a vacation home on private land or rental land, including landscaping and a private parking space. You have the freedom to furnish your recreation home entirely according to your own wishes. Do you already know where you want to buy a vacation home on the water for personal use?

✦ At which parks can I buy a vacation home on the water?

At Park Westerkogge, Recreatiepark het Esmeer and Parc de IJsselhoeve you can buy a vacation home on the water. Park Westerkogge is located near Hoorn and the Markermeer.  At Recreatiepark het Esmeer, you even find a marina, and you have a unique view of the Maas. Parc de IJsselhoeve is located in the Randstad and directly on the IJssel. Which park do you prefer?