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Buying a holiday accommodation with private land

Buying a holiday accommodation with private land

Vacation homes for sale with land

If you want to buy a vacation home, there are many options to consider. First, you need to think about what type of vacation home you want and where it should be. In addition, you have to decide whether to buy a vacation home with its own land or to rent the land. At TopParken, vacation homes are for sale including private land or on rental land. Here you determine what you prefer. View the differences between buying and renting the land below.

Private land

The advantage of a vacation home with its own land is that you own the entire lot. Your vacation home is therefore on the grounds of the vacation park, but the land on which your home is located is your own. Even if the vacation park is sold or goes bankrupt, for example, you remain the owner of the home and the land.

Rental land

When you buy a vacation home on rental land, you save money in the short term because you only buy the house itself. On the other hand, you have an annual extra cost of renting the land of about €4,500 Euros. A vacation home with its own land is therefore cheaper in the long term than a vacation home on rental land.


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The benefits of buying a holiday accommodation with private land

The benefit of buying a holiday accommodation with private land is that you are the owner of the full plot. That means you can do with it what you want, because the entire holiday home and the land it is on belong to you. When you buy a holiday accommodation with private land, you will pay a higher price, because you will be buying the complete plot. The upside of that is that you will not incur any extra charges in the form of rent or ground lease, which is something that may save you money in the long term.

At TopParken, buying the land that goes with the holiday accommodation is not mandatory. This means you can also opt for another arrangement with us, such as rent or ground lease. In case of rent, you will pay a rental price for the land on which the accommodation you bought is located. If you opt for ground lease, you will pay a type of rent called canon. Ground lease is a legal form that is somewhere between rent and purchase. For the period you pay ground lease, you get to use the land as if you are its owner, and you will have the same rights. When you want to purchase a holiday accommodation, it is important to think carefully about it and take this into account. If you buy the accommodation without the land, the price of the accommodation is lower, but you will pay the rental costs or ground lease each year.

Leasing a holiday house

Recently, a major holiday park concern introduced the concept of holiday house leasing. This concept allows customers to "own" a holiday house for a few hundred dollars a month. At TopParken, we do not offer these. We are happy to explain on this page why the benefits do not outweigh the disadvantages of leasing.

More information about the purchase of a holiday accommodation at TopParken

Are you interested in buying a holiday accommodation with or without private land, which allows you to attain an excellent yield in case you decide to rent it out? If so, request our brochure free of commitment today, or use the button below to schedule an appointment with one of our advisers.

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