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What should you pay attention to, and what is important to know when purchasing a holiday accommodation in The Netherlands? First of all, it is important to have a clear answer to the following question.

Why do I want to buy a holiday home, what is the purpose?

Do you want to use the holiday accommodation yourself, or would you like to attain an attractive return through renting out the holiday accommodation? In addition, it is important to know at which location you want to buy a holiday accommodation. We will be happy to explain the differences and options to you.

The Netherlands, the country of TopParken!

Buying a holiday home in the Netherlands

For private use
Do you enjoy going on holiday in the Netherlands? Then buying a holiday home for private use is an ideal investment. This way, you can go on holiday when it suits you, and when you feel the need to. At our 16 holiday parks in the Netherlands, we have various types of holiday homes for sale. All of these vary in type, size, execution, and price range. Whether you are looking for a 2-person home, a 10-person villa, or an accessible home, you will find what you are looking for at TopParken.

For rental
Due to the increasing demand for domestic holidays, it is getting increasingly interesting to purchase a holiday home for rental. When you invest in a holiday home, and let our own rental organization rent it out, we will take care of everything for you. We will take care of the entire rental process for the holiday home all year round. That way you can enjoy your investment without a care, with an interesting annual net return.


About TopParken

When you purchase a holiday accommodation at TopParken, you are choosing a reliable partner who has developed themselves through the years into a specialist in the field of renting out and selling holiday accommodations and managing holiday parks. When purchasing a holiday accommodation in The Netherlands, you will get to choose what you will be using the accommodation for.

Benefits of buying a holiday home

Buying a holiday home offers many benefits, and these benefits vary per type of buyer. Three different buyers can be discerned: the buyer who purchases a holiday home for private use, the buyer who purchases a holiday home for partial private use/rental purposes, and the buyer who rents out the accommodation fully.

Check the possibilities
Check the possibilities

Advantages for owners

A holiday home at a TopParken holiday park has many advantages for owners. For example, through years of working with renowned tour operators, TopParken achieves a high occupancy rate, which means that, as a (future) owner, you can make an attractive return on your investment if you choose to rent out your holiday home. Curious to find out what advantages are in store for you? Click on the button below or contact us with no obligation.

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Buy a vacation residence on one of our vacation parks

Do you want to buy a vacation residence in the Netherlands? Look at our large assortment of vacation parks. TopParken has 17 vacation parks in the Netherlands, located in the most beautiful locations in nature. You can find parks all over the Netherlands, and there is always a vacation park to your liking. Below, you can choose the province/environment which suits you best& view the overview of vacation parks.

View the location of our vacation parks

Buying a holiday home at TopParken

When you buy a holiday home at TopParken, you are choosing a reliable party that over the years has developed into an expert in the field of renting out and selling holiday homes, and running holiday parks.

When you buy a holiday home in the Netherlands, you will choose how you are going to use the holiday home.

  • Private use: You will enjoy the holiday home for yourself, all year round.
  • Partial/full rental: You are choosing a mix of private use and rental.
  • Full rental: You will rent out the home through our rental organization, all year round.

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Frequently asked questions about regarding the purchase of a holiday home

▶ What are the advantages of buying a holiday home?

The advantages of buying a holiday home depend on the buyer. One of the advantages of purchasing one for you personal use is that you can decorate it as you wish. When you buy a holiday home for rent, everything will be arranged for you, from renting to cleaning.

▶ What should pay attention to when purchasing a holiday home?

First of all, it's important to be clear on the following: "Why do I want to buy a holiday home? What's its purpose?" Once you've set a clear goal for your holiday home, it's important to keep the following points in mind. What is my budget? In which area do I want to purchase a holiday home? And, how do I want to use it?

▶ What's the best area when purchasing a holiday home?

When you purchase a holiday home for renting, it's important that the surrounding area is popular and interesting when it comes to tourism, such as the Veluwe or South Limburg. A holiday home's surrounding area is one of the most important reasons vacationers have when booking a holiday. When purchasing a holiday home for your own use, it's important that the area fits your needs and wishes.

▶ Which holiday parks have holiday homes for sale?

All 17 holiday parks of TopParken offer the possibility of purchasing a holiday home. Each holiday park is different and has its own type of holiday homes. It's possible to buy a holiday home for personal use or for renting on all parks.

▶ Do you only purchase the holiday home or the terrain as well?

At TopParken you can purchase the holiday home including the terrain it is on. So, you will not only be the owner of the home but also of the terrain on which the holiday homestands. Of course, it's not mandatory to buy the terrain as well, it's also possible to rent it or obtain a leasehold.

▶ Do I necessarily have to rent out the holiday home?

No, of course you do not have to necessarily rent it out. You decided whether you wish to rent out your holiday home throughout the whole year, rent it out part-time, or not rent it out at all. This is completely up to you.

▶How does renting out a holiday home work?

At TopParken it's possible to rent out your holiday home partially or throughout the whole year. Of course, you can indicate yourself (online) when the home is available for rent or when you'd like to use it yourself. TopPatken has its own rent out department that takes care of the whole process, from renting it out to cleaning it.

▶How many days a year can you stay at your holiday home?

As the owner of a recreational home, you can enjoy our holiday parks all year round. However, you can not sign yourself into the ministry, because one is not allowed to have a holiday home as their main residence. This has to do with the fact that our holiday parks are registered as recreational destinations and not as residential communities.

More information about the purchase of a holiday home

When you have a clearly defined goal in mind for the holiday home and when you have a preferred location, it is important to get guidance from a professional party. Reading through a brochure containing more information about the purchase of a holiday accommodation helps with this.

When you have made your decision on which area you would like to buy a holiday home in, it is wise to make an appointment on-site with an adviser. They can tell you more about the area, the holiday park, the holiday accommodation and the possibilities.