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Buying a chalet in the Netherlands

Buying a chalet in the Netherlands is high on the wish list of many people. It's nice to go on vacation whenever you want or to get away from the daily grind. However, this is not the only reason why many people rank the purchase of a chalet high on their wish list. A chalet also provides a stable and lucrative return on (partial) renting.

TopParken offers high-quality chalets for sale in the Netherlands at 17 different vacation resorts. The chalets from TopParken are located at well-maintained vacation resorts in the Netherlands, in tourist areas that are popular with both domestic and foreign vacationers. This gives you the opportunity to rent out your chalet at an attractive yield.

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Buying a chalet as an investment

Buying a chalet at TopParken is, in our opinion, a good alternative for bank savings. TopParken offers at 20 vacation parks in The Netherlands, some of which as still being build or developed, the possibility to buy a chalet as an investment. Not only do you buy a chalet at a beautiful location, you earn more when you rent it out than what you receive from a savings account, You will, of course, have to take into account some fiscal aspects.

At TopParken you can choose from two different investment options if you buy a chalet to (partially) rent out:

In both cases, TopParken's rental organization supports you from start to finish in your investment. This will ensure you won't have to worry about any part of the rental process of your chalet, but you will still get to enjoy the attractive returns.

The offer of chalets in The Netherlands

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TopParken rental organization

If you buy a chalet at one of the 20 TopParken holiday parks and if you want to (partially) rent it out, TopParken's professional rental organization will take care of the entire rental process for your chalet. For instance, they will manage the rent, the customer contact, the administration, as well as the cleaning of your chalet. This means that at TopParken, you can profit from your investment without any worries.

TopParken's rental organization has years of experience in renting out chalets at various locations in The Netherlands. They also cooperate with renowned domestic and international tour operators such as Booking.com, BungalowSpecials, Bungalow.net, and Interchalet. This means that by using the TopParken network, you can enjoy a good occupancy rate for your holiday accommodation, which automatically results in interesting returns.

Buying a chalet at an attractive location

Luxurious chalets at holiday parks have become increasingly popular among domestic and international holidaymakers over the past years. The most important reason for this is that they are often situated at attractive locations, and offer the comfort of home at the same time. If you buy a chalet at TopParken, you can choose from no fewer than 17 holiday parks in The Netherlands, with various facilities and each located close to touristic hot spots. For instance, you can buy a luxurious chalet at the coast, in a forested area, but close to beautiful villages and cities as well.

When purchasing a chalet, deciding on a location is an important aspect. Would you want a chalet surrounded by nature for instance, or rather one right at the beach? What facilities and amenities do you want to offer your guests at the holiday park? And what is the accessibility of the chalets like? These are all important questions which help you in buying a chalet at a location that is attractive to you.

If you want to rent out your chalet as well, you will have to take things your guests may find important into account in addition to your own desires. After all, a bungalow that meets the wishes of your target group can result in higher occupancy and rental revenues.

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