1. A safe investment in a holiday home
  2. Increase domestic holidays
  3. Alternative to bank savings
  4. Professional rental organization

Purchasing a holiday home with guaranteed return

Are you looking for a safe investment or an alternative to bank savings? Going on holiday in the Netherlands will become increasingly popular in the coming years now that many borders are closed. Investing in a holiday home on one of the 20 holiday parks of TopParken is, therefore, becoming more and more interesting. When you buy a holiday home at TopParken we can now also offer you a guaranteed net return per year.

If you buy a holiday home with a guaranteed return, you know in advance exactly how much return you will receive during a predetermined period. In addition, you do not have any extra costs such as minor maintenance. However, you do hand over the key to the TopParken rental organization immediately after purchase. In this case, you will not be able to use the house yourself, but you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your fiscally smart investment in peace and quiet.

Due to the current low, and sometimes even negative, savings interest rates and the current crisis, investing in a holiday home is a smart move. By buying a holiday home for the (partial) letting you can, even after the 'box 3' taxation, get a higher return on your savings.

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Negative interest rates on savings reduced per 01-01-2021

From January 1, 2021, the sum on which a negative savings interest is calculated is sharply lowered once again. All major Dutch banks are now applying a negative interest rate on savings. When you are forced to pay a negative interest on your savings, it might be a good idea to start looking for alternatives. One great alternative is to make an investment in the strong and stable Dutch leisure industry. We will gladly tell you all about it.

A guaranteed return on a holiday home in the Netherlands

All holiday homes in the TopParken parks are of high quality and have a contemporary interior. In addition, they are located in beautiful and touristic locations and the parks are equipped with various facilities.

In addition, if you buy a holiday home from TopParken, you will enjoy full support in letting your holiday home, through the rental organization of TopParken. With their many years of experience in the field of renting out holiday homes at various parks in the Netherlands, they take care of the complete rental and cleaning. This way you can, without having to look around, optimally enjoy the return on investment of your holiday home.

In order to be able to rent out your holiday home optimally, TopParken has been working with renowned national and international tour operators such as Booking.com, BungalowSpecials, Bungalow.net, and Interchalet for some time now. This ensures both a high occupancy rate and an interesting return on your holiday home.

What are the investment possibilities?

As explained above, renting out your holiday home can provide an attractive return. If you buy a holiday home for renting out at TopParken, you have a choice of two investment forms:

Yield based on rental yield (forecast)

Here's a combination of personal use and rental. In this case, you decide when you want to use the house yourself and when you want to release the house for rental to the rental organization of TopParken. Your return, in this case, depends on the rental income of the house. In this way of investing, you also have fixed costs, but the downside is that the returns can be higher than when you choose a fixed-yield investment form.

Take a look at the benefits
Take a look at the benefits

Fixed return (guarantee)

In this case, you choose to rent out the holiday house in its entirety and not use it yourself. The rental of the house will be directly managed by the rental organization of TopParken after the purchase and they will start the rental process. In the case of a fixed/guaranteed return, the exact amount of return you will receive during a predetermined period will be determined in advance, and you will have no costs for minor maintenance. This form is ideal for investors who are looking for a carefree investment in a holiday home.

Take a look at the benefits
Take a look at the benefits

A holiday home with guaranteed returns, no worries

With years of experience in both the sale and rental of holiday homes, TopParken assists you from start to finish, regardless of the desired form of investment. TopParken has a wide offer on no less than 17 different holiday parks in the Netherlands.

At the same time, TopParken takes complete care of your rental needs! Everything concerning the rental is arranged for you so that you can invest in a holiday home with a guaranteed return. Take a look at our complete offer or request our brochure

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