1. Buying a second home at a holiday park
  2. For private use and/or rental purposes
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For private use or for rental purposes

TopParken has 20 holiday parks in The Netherlands, all surrounded by nature. You will not only get to enjoy a wide range of holiday homes at the holiday parks, but also an absolute top-level location and a large offer of facilities. Whether you are looking for a two-person second home in the forests or a luxurious six-person villa at the Veluwe, you will always find what you are looking for at TopParken.

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Why choose TopParken?

Long experience > Over 40 years experience in the holiday industry.

20 holiday parks > An extensive selection of holiday homes in 20 prime locations.

Flexible > You decide for yourself whether you rent the house or use it yourself.

> We take care of the rental process for your holiday rental.


Buying a second home at a TopParken holiday park

When you want to buy a holiday home at a holiday park, it goes without saying that the location, the facilities, and the accessibility are all very important. The TopParken holiday parks are all situated at touristic, accessible, and attractive locations in The Netherlands. This makes the purchase of a second home interesting both for buying for private use and buying for rental purposes. TopParken also invests in both the holiday parks and their surrounding area. For instance, they use sustainable solutions as much as possible, and sponsor local good causes.

Buying a second home at a TopParken holiday park is more than just investing in a holiday accommodation. Both you and your (potential) tenants will also enjoy all of the facilities at the holiday park. This allows you to offer yourself and your tenants a luxurious holiday home with the service of a resort. In addition, the cleaning is facilitated by TopParken when you rent it out as well, meaning you will not have to worry about this.

In case you are interested in buying a second home or a holiday accommodation at a luxurious holiday park with an attractive yield, please contact us or request the brochure for more information!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I buy a second home at TopParken as an investment?

You can invest in a second home at TopParken with fixed or variable returns. When you fully rent out the home you cannot make use of it yourself, but you do receive fixed returns. If you do want to make occasional use of the home then you can choose a combination of private use and rental and you will receive variable returns.

Is it possible to buy a second home in the Veluwe at TopParken?

The Veluwe is a beautiful area for a second home. TopParken has 5 holiday parks in the Veluwe where you can buy a second home. A recreational home in the Veluwe is always located in the middle of nature and near the national park. Buying a second home in the Veluwe is perfect for true nature lovers.

Starting at what amount can I buy a second home at TopParken?

Buying a second home is possible at TopParken starting at €86,654.- including the lot. There are many different types of holiday homes for sale, suitable for small or large groups. You can also buy a holiday home with extra luxuries such as a location directly on the waterside or a home with a sauna or jacuzzi.

What should I pay attention to when buying a second home?

The purchase of a second home has to be an informed decision. Before you decide to make the purchase there are a few things that you always have to consider and reflect on. On this page you can read more information on this. Our advisors are also here for you if you have questions or to offer professional advice.