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Buying a summer house

Buying a summer cottage domestically?

  • Choice of 17 vacation resorts
  • Large selection of summer cottages
  • Enjoy the summer in your own country
  • For personal use and rental

Summer homes for sale in the Netherlands

Would you like to buy a summer home in the Netherlands? An excellent choice, as you can enjoy the beautiful Dutch summers whenever you feel like it. TopParken has a large selection of summer homes for sale at 17 different holiday resorts, situated in the most beautiful spots in nature. You will find the TopParken summer homes in the most popular regions of the Netherlands. Choose a summer home in the Veluwe, on the coast, in the Achterhoek, in North Brabant, or at one of our waterfront locations.

Are you planning to only use your summer home during the summer? If you allow our rental organization rent out your cottage for the rest of the year, you will benefit from an interesting net return. Naturally, you can also use your summer home throughout the year for yourself.


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Our summer cottages

Our summerhouses

Different types of summerhouses are for sale at our 17 holiday parks in the Netherlands. All vary in type, size, design, and price range. Whether you are looking for a house for 2 people, a villa for 14 people, a holiday home with a sauna, or a wheelchair-friendly home, you will find what you are looking for at TopParken.

All houses are offered including their own plot, private parking space, complete landscaping, and terrace construction. When you invest in a holiday home in the Netherlands at TopParken, you can opt for full personal use, full rental or a combination of personal use and rental. Of course, this is entirely up to you when you invest in a holiday home.


For personal use or rental

If you want to buy a summer house in the Netherlands there are usually two options for most parties.

  1. You buy a vacation home for full personal use
  2. You are buying a vacation home which must be available for rentals all year round.

At TopParken, you have a third option! You can also choose to buy a vacation home for personal use and rental.

When you buy a vacation home with a combination of personal use and rental, you decide when you want to use the vacation home for yourself and when it is available for rental. This way, you can enjoy your vacation when you're ready and benefit from an interesting return percentage. Also, buying a vacation home with a combination of personal use and rental has several fiscal advantages.


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  • Enjoy vacations all year round
  • Vacation fun & efficiency
  • Fixed net return per year

Summer cottages for sale in 20 vacation resorts

At TopParken, you can buy a summer cottage at 20 vacation resorts in the Netherlands, all located in unique locations in nature. All vacation homes are for sale for personal use, with an interesting return, or with a combination of both.

When you buy a vacation home in one of the vacation resorts of TopParken, you are choosing a reliable company that has developed over the years into a specialist in the field of renting out vacation homes, selling vacation homes, and operating vacation resorts.


Frequently asked questions

Can I buy a summer house by the water?

Buy a summer house on the waterfront at TopParken. In our offer you will find several vacation parks with vacation homes directly on the water. At these vacation parks, you also have the option of your own jetty if you have your own boat. A summer at the water is even more fun in your own summer house!

Are there any summer homes for sale including the land?

Would you like to buy a summer house including land? At TopParken you choose whether you want to buy including the ground or rather buy with rented ground. Of course, you will pay extra for a summer house including the plot, but in the long term you will save money because you will have no rental costs.