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TopParken - Verkoop
Buy a holiday home in Lunteren

Buying a holiday accommodation in Lunteren

Buying a vacation home in Lunteren (Veluwe)

Landgoed de Scheleberg, the showpiece of TopParken, is located in the nice town of Lunteren, (Gelderland). There are still a number of new vacation homes for sale in a wooded area at Landgoed de Scheleberg. A very suitable location to buy your own vacation home or to invest in a vacation home. Enjoy the many facilities and the surroundings during a weekend away in your own vacation home, or have our professional rental organization rent out your vacation home.

In short: buying a vacation home in Lunteren, in the middle of the Veluwe, is certainly a good idea.


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Experience the area of Lunteren

Would you like to buy a holiday home at a central location in The Netherlands? Look no further! The Geographic Center of The Netherlands is located in the forests of the Gelderland town of Lunteren. From your own holiday accommodation, you can easily visit one of the nearby zoos, entertainment parks or museums.

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