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Buy a tiny house in the Veluwe area

Purchasing a tiny house in the Veluwe

  • Wide range of tiny houses on the Veluwe
  • For own use and/or rental
  • Carefree investing

Buying a tiny house on the Veluwe

The increasing popularity of tiny houses in the Netherlands provides attractive investment opportunities. Will you soon own your own tiny house? This is possible at TopParken! And would be a better location than the Veluwe? Buying a tiny house on the Veluwe is the ideal investment for your (saved) money. Not only can you enjoy it yourself, you can also choose to (partially) rent out the house. The demand for tiny houses in unique locations, such as on the Veluwe, is high, which means that the rental prognosis is also very favorable.


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Buy a tiny house on the Veluwe on a holiday park

You can buy a tiny house on the Veluwe with TopParken, at one of the 6 holiday parks in this region. Our holiday parks are spread across the Veluwe in wooded locations. The big advantage of buying a tiny house on the Veluwe on a holiday park? You will always have full access to all facilities that the holiday park offers. This often includes an indoor or outdoor pool, catering facilities, entertainment and many other facilities.

Our holiday parks on the Veluwe:

The advantages of buying with TopParken

Buying a tiny house in the Veluwe with TopParken offers you a number of attractive benefits. TopParken has over 40 years of experience in the Dutch recreation market and has therefore grown into a renowned player in this industry. TopParken also offers, as one of the few in the industry, the option to combine personal use and rental of your tiny house. You can see which three options you have below:

Own use - You can use your tiny house whenever you want and you do not make it available for rent. Moreover, if you choose this option, you can furnish the house entirely according to your own wishes.

Own use and rental - If you choose this option, you can enjoy the house yourself and make the tiny house available for rent when you are not there. A win-win situation. The return depends on the rental income and how often the house is made available for rental.

Full rental - Do you want to buy a tiny house on the Veluwe and achieve a maximum return? In that case you should opt for full rental. With this option you can't use the house yourself, but on the other hand you will receive an attractive return.

If you choose to rent out the property, whether partial or complete, this will be completely taken care of by our professional rental organization. For renting out the house we work together with and BungalowSpecials, renowned parties in the recreation sector.

Want to know more?

Would you like more information about buying a tiny house on the Veluwe? Request our brochure without any obligation via the button below or plan an appointment with one of our advisors. We will be happy to guide you in your search for a tiny house on the Veluwe.