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TopParken - Verkoop
Forest home for sale

Forest home for sale

  • Forested lots
  • For private use, rental, or a combination
  • Top locations on the Veluwe

Forrest cottage for sale in the Netherlands

Are you looking into whether purchasing a forest cottage in the Netherlands is something for you? Then have a look at the possibilities on the Veluwe, the most beautiful wooded area in the Netherlands. There are forest cottages for sale at various locations on the Veluwe, the demand for tourist accommodation in this area is high, which is a huge advantage if you want to buy a forest house to rent out. At TopParken you can buy a forest cottage at one of the six locations on the Veluwe. All cottages are located on very spacious private plots, some directly on the edge of the forest (without fencing). So you will be able to enjoy nature non-stop when you stay in your own cottage in the forest.


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Forest home for sale in the following locations:

Buy a forest home on the Veluwe

TopParken has five holiday parks on the Veluwe where you have the possibility to buy a forest home. The forest homes are suitable for 4 to 8 people. If you choose one for personal use then you can furnish the home according to your own wishes and use it as often as you like. Buying a forest home as a permanent residence is not possible. If you decide to fully rent the forest home out then you will not make personal use of the home but you will receive fixed returns. Finally, you can choose an intermediate format, a combination of personal use and rental. When you are not using your home personally you make it available for rental. Your returns will depend on the rental income.


The benefit of TopParken

  • Years of experience in the recreational sector
  • High occupancy rate at the holiday parks thanks to collaborations with renowned tour operators
  • Professional rental organization for the rental of your forest home
  • Choose your own use: private use, rental or a combination of both
  • Possibility to buy a forest home including the lot

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