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14 reasons to buy a vacation rental at a holiday park in the Netherlands

14 reasons to buy a vacation rental

14 reasons to buy a vacation rental at a holiday park in the Netherlands

Author: Marijn from TopParken Sales

Are you looking for a vacation rental where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings? If so, consider a vacation rental at a holiday park in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has so much to offer, from vast forests and areas rich in water to beautiful national parks and an abundance of biking and hiking opportunities. In this blog, you will read about 14 reasons to buy a vacation rental at a holiday park in the Netherlands, both for private use and for (partial) rental. We will also discuss some tax advantages that you will benefit from. So please read on and be inspired.

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1. Enjoy the natural beauty

Beautiful Dutch forests

Whether you want to hike, bike or just relax amid green surroundings; the Dutch forests offer endless possibilities for nature enthusiasts.

The Veluwe: a magical landscape

One of the most popular destinations in the Netherlands is the Veluwe. This national park offers vast moorlands, beautiful forests and wildlife such as red deer and wild boar. With your own vacation rental at one of TopParken's six holiday parks near the Veluwe, you can enjoy this enchanting landscape time and time again. 

For enthusiasts of water activities

The Netherlands has many areas rich in water. If you enjoy water sports such as boating, kayaking, standup paddleboarding or fishing, a vacation rental at a holiday park rich in water in the Netherlands is the perfect choice. You will have easy access to various water activities and in addition, many holiday rentals are located directly by the water.

Discover the Netherlands' 21 national parks: an abundance of natural beauty

The Netherlands has no less than 21 national parks that offer a variety of landscapes and natural beauty. From the Hoge Veluwe to the Biesbosch and the Sallandse Heuvelrug, each park has its unique charm and offers endless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

The pleasant Dutch coast: the sun, the sea and the beach

Although TopParken is not located on the Dutch coast, we cannot ignore the beautiful beaches that the Netherlands has. Lovely to enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach in the summer.

2. Biking and hiking opportunities: Explore nature at your own pace

With an extensive network of biking and hiking trails, the Netherlands is a paradise for active nature enthusiasts. You can enjoy endless bike rides or walks in the aforementioned, environments rich in nature around your vacation rental. Discover picturesque villages, breathtaking views and peaceful landscapes.

3. Improving climate: More hours of sunshine per year

The climate in the Netherlands has been improving in recent years, with more hours of sunshine and milder temperatures. This means you can spend more time outside and enjoy your vacation rental and its beautiful surroundings to the fullest. Say goodbye to the stereotypical Dutch weather!


4. Short travel distance compared to abroad

One of the advantages of buying a vacation rental in the Netherlands is the short travel distance compared to abroad. Wherever you live in the Netherlands, you will always be at your vacation destination within a short time. No long travel times, but quickly enjoy your vacation.

5. Facilities on holiday parks

Holiday parks in the Netherlands offer a wide range of recreational facilities for the whole family. From swimming pools and playgrounds to sports fields and entertainment programs, there is always something to do and experience. Both children and adults won't be bored for a moment.

6. Various recreational opportunities in the area

In addition to the facilities at the holiday park itself, the Netherlands offers numerous recreational opportunities in the surrounding area. These include amusement parks, museums, historical sights and charming towns. There is always something to discover and experience, regardless of your interests.


7. Possibility of rental with returns

If you do not use your vacation rental all year round, you may choose to have it partially rented out. The Netherlands is a popular vacation destination, which means there is a constant demand for vacations. By renting out your vacation rental you can earn an interesting return. The professional rental department within TopParken takes care of everything; from achieving the highest possible occupancy to cleaning your home.

8. Enjoy your home whenever you want

Owning a vacation rental at a holiday park gives you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the home whenever you want. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, you will always have your own place to relax.

9. Furnished home: ready to be used right away

A vacation rental at a holiday park is often furnished and styled (in consultation). This means you don't have to spend time and effort choosing and buying furniture. You can immediately enjoy the home.


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10. Maintenance and management taken care of: No worries about maintenance

Another advantage of a vacation rental at a holiday park is that the maintenance and management of the park are taken care of for you. In addition, various services such as garden maintenance and window cleaning are offered, which means that you can optionally have everything taken care of in terms of the maintenance of your vacation rental.

11. Tax benefits: Take advantage of tax benefits.

There are some tax advantages to owning a vacation rental. For example, you may benefit from mortgage interest deductions and the ability to deduct certain expenses. Consult a tax advisor for more information on the specific benefits that apply to you.

12. Diverse range

There are several home options available at holiday parks in the Netherlands, ranging from small chalets to luxury villas. This allows you to choose a property that suits your wants, needs and budget.

13. An investment stable in value: A solid long-term investment

A vacation rental at a holiday park in the Netherlands is generally a stable investment. The real estate market in the Netherlands is stable and the demand for vacation rentals continues to grow. It can therefore be a solid long-term investment.

14. Unique Dutch experience: Discover the charm of the Netherlands

Last but not least, buying a vacation rental at a holiday park in the Netherlands gives you the opportunity to discover the other, unique charms of the Netherlands. Experience the hospitality, culture, culinary hotspots and more of what our country has to offer.

14 reasons to buy a vacation rental at a holiday park in the Netherlands


Buying a vacation rental at a holiday park in the Netherlands has numerous advantages, whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure or an investment with returns. With the beautiful Dutch forests, the Veluwe, the areas rich in water, the 21 national parks, the cycling and hiking opportunities, the ever-improving climate and the short travel distance compared to abroad, the Netherlands is the ideal place for a vacation rental. Discover the possibilities and schedule an appointment today to view your dream home. Enjoy all that the Netherlands has to offer and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Experience it yourself!

Have you been inspired by the many benefits of buying a vacation rental at a holiday park in the Netherlands? Schedule an appointment and discover the possibilities that suit you. Don't wait any longer and make your dream of your own vacation rental a reality.


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