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Buying a holiday accommodation: from thought to purchase


Buying a holiday accommodation: from thought to purchase

The purchase process for a holiday accommodation often consumes a lot of time. And rightly so. After all , the purchase of a holiday accommodation is a big investment. This means it is important to first get a clear view of all of the necessary information before proceeding to the actual purchase. 'What are my exact wishes?', 'What are the options?' and 'What does an expert advise me?' are examples of questions you will need to answer.

1. The start of the process
2. Orientation phase
3. The purchase process
4. An overview of the benefits of a private holiday accommodation

The start of the process

The purchase of a holiday accommodation often starts with a thought. This may result from a desire to 1) invest or 2) expand the options for spending your valuable free time. Of course, the interest can also be the result of a combination of these two thoughts. This brings us to the next point.

A private holiday accommodation as an investment

If you are interested in buying a holiday accommodation as an investment, the holiday accommodation will be rented out to (international) holidaymakers after you purchase it. This way, you get to take advantage of the returns. At TopParken, we take care of everything for you when renting out a holiday accommodation. At our professional rental organization, we work towards:

✔️ Achieving optimal occupancy and revenue
By carrying out various marketing activities and critical pricing

✔️ Ensuring pleasant stays for our holidaymakers
By being at their service before, during as well as after a stay

✔️ Taking care of the stay from start (booking) to finish (cleaning)
To ensure that home owners won't have to worry about a thing

A private holiday accommodation for you and/or your family

Are you looking for a way to expand your options to spend your free time? If so, a holiday accommodation for private use is perfect for you. This gives you the opportunity to spend valuable free time at your own holiday accommodation at any moment you want to.


✔️ Enjoying a stay optimally at any desired moment
At your own holiday accommodation surrounded by Dutch nature

✔️ A pleasant place for you, close to home
To make memories with your family and/or friends

✔️Create a true second home
By furnishing your holiday accommodation entirely according to your own wishes

The best of two worlds

The above can also be combined, allowing you to enjoy your own holiday accommodation at any moment you wish while it gets rented out during the moments you are not staying at the holiday accommodation.

Orientation phase

Once you are interested in purchasing a holiday accommodation, the orientation phase can commence. 'What are your wishes and needs?' and 'What is available on the market?' are questions which can be answered during this phase.

Offer of holiday accommodations

Before you start orienting yourself in the offer in the market, it is important to understand what your wishes and needs are. For instance, the size of the holiday accommodation, the level of luxury and any (care) preferences play a large role in this. It goes without saying that this is intrinsically tied to the available budget. Depending on your budget, wishes and needs, you can start orienting yourself online and offline.


The location might be one of the most important elements when purchasing a holiday accommodation. This goes both for the purchase of a holiday accommodation for private use and the purchase of a holiday accommodation for rental purposes. After all, an attractive (tourist) location results in more holidaymakers. Will you choose a location with lots of water, a forested location or a hilly one? Regardless of what you are looking for, there is always a location that matches your wishes. The TopParken holiday parks are situated at locations in The Netherlands with lots of nature. You are more than welcome at our holiday parks so that you can experience it for yourself.

Facilities holiday park and surrounding area

What do the holiday park and the surrounding area have to offer? Are you interested in a child-friendly holiday park with lots of activities for the children in the surrounding area for instance, or are you rather looking for tranquility and relaxation at and around a holiday park? In order to answer these questions, you can search for information and/or request it from various Dutch holiday park providers. You can find and request lots of information online. For instance at various websites and via email. Various information packages can also be requested offline. At TopParken, you can request information here. However, you will only truly discover the atmosphere at and around the holiday park while visiting the holiday park itself. Take a look at the dates of our inspiration days here or schedule and appointment at one of our holiday parks. Our experienced advisers are always ready to answer all of your questions and provide you with adequate advise if you wish. This includes information and advice regarding the possibilities, the fiscal aspects, the holiday park and the construction and rental options.

The purchase process

As soon as the orientation phase is finished and a well-considered choice has been made, the purchase process can begin. Among other aspects, this process consists of:

✅ Possible negotiations
✅ Signing the purchase agreement
✅ Discussing the construction process
✅ Delivery of the holiday accommodation

Tip ➡️ Have a professional adviser provide you with information during the orientation phase and the purchase process.


An overview of the benefits of a private holiday accommodation

A private holiday accommodation comes with various benefits. These benefits are different for a holiday accommodation for private use compared to the benefits for a holiday accommodation for rental purposes. If you opt for a combination of both, you will take advantage of all of the benefits.

A selection of the benefits of a holiday accommodation for private use

✔️ Going on holiday in your own country at any moment you want to
✔️ Can be furnished entirely according to your own wishes
✔️A second home close to home
✔️ Enjoying the tranquility at and around your own holiday accommodation
✔️ Making unlimited use of the facilities at the park
✔️ Letting family and friends enjoy a stay at your own holiday accommodation

✔️ A selection of the benefits of a holiday accommodation for rental purposes
✔️ Taking advantage of a maximum occupancy rate through professional marketing activities and collaborations with major tour operators such as
✔️ The rent will be taken care of for you, from the booking process to final cleaning
✔️ Interesting alternative to bank savings
✔️ It comes with various fiscal benefits

The advantages of using a vacation home for personal use and rental use:

Needless to say, if you choose a combination in which the vacation home is partly rented out, you will benefit from a combination of the advantages. 

Check out all the advantages of buying your own vacation home ⤵️


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