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First sales phase at Resort Veluwe completed

First sales phase at Resort Veluwe completed, second phase has started

Popularity of private vacation home apparent: first sales phase has been completed within six weeks

In June we started the first sales phase of new vacation homes at Resort Veluwe in Garderen. It soon became apparent that domestic vacation homes are still incredibly popular. It also, once again, became clear that the location of the vacation park is one of the most important pillars.

We can, therefore, proudly say that within six weeks, the first sales phase at Resort Veluwe has been completed, and we were able to make dozens of owners happy with a vacation home at Resort Veluwe for personal use and/or (partial) rental.

Effective immediately, we will start with the second sales phase!


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"A popular destination for vacationers, which is, of course, interesting for homeowners who (partially) rent out their vacation home."

Current market, facilities & location explains the success

The pace at which the vacation homes have been sold, according to Chadli Hachani, Marketing and Formula Manager at TopParken, can be explained by the current market, the facilities at the vacation park and the location, in the middle of the Veluwe and near Klimbos Garderen. He explains: "It is interesting to see how the market, and thereby the demand for your own vacation home, develops in response to the current (inter)national situation. Resort Veluwe is also an attractive location because of the wooded area, the central location and the various facilities, such as an indoor play attic, a modern family restaurant, and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool".

He continues: "These advantages also make it a popular destination for vacationers, which is, of course, interesting for homeowners who (partially) rent out their vacation home".

Renovation vacation park

Since the takeover of Resort Veluwe, the entrance has been renovated, fun bowling alleys have been constructed, and a natural look has been applied throughout the vacation park. The organization is also looking at the possibilities for placing tree houses, glamping tents and tiny houses. It is not yet known whether these will also be for sale, or for rent only.

More information

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