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Gelderland most popular province among tourists

Gelderland most popular province among tourists, Zeeland falls back to 2nd place

By De Gelderlander
ARNHEM - Last summer, of all the provinces, Gelderland attracted the most tourists at campgrounds, holiday parks and group accommodations. With 556,000 tourists from home and abroad, Gelderland has even bested the province of Zeeland.

Last year and the year before, Zeeland was the province with the largest number of tourists. This was revealed by the numbers of July and August, announced today by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) today.

More domestic tourists

Gelderland is a particular popular province among Dutch people who go on a domestic holiday. Gelderland has welcomed roughly 464,000 Dutch guests last July and August, according to the statistics. No other province attracted so many Dutch tourists.

The number of foreign tourists in Gelderland was 94,000. This number is actually lower than the numbers for South Holland, North Holland, Limburg, North Brabant and Zeeland.

Gelderland has also been the most popular province among Dutch tourists in the past few years. On the other hand, in the previous two years, Zeeland still surpassed Gelderland with regard to the total number of tourists.

The fact that Gelderland is now more popular is partly due to an increase in the number of domestic tourists. In the previous years, this number was always around 400,000.


In addition to Gelderland, North Brabant and Limburg are also remarkably popular provinces among the Dutch as their summer holiday destination. According to the CBS, most foreign tourists come from Germany.

A total of nearly 10 million tourists slept in the Netherlands in July and August, an increase of more than 4 percent compared to the same period in the summer of 2018.

Nevertheless, when all accommodations are included, such as hotels, Gelderland is not the most popular province. In this case, North Holland takes the lead by far, welcoming over three million visitors. Most of the tourists in North Holland go to Amsterdam. All accommodations included, Gelderland takes the third position, with a combined total of 979,000 domestic and foreign tourists.

Gelderland most popular province

Interesting for purchasing a holiday home!

Purchasing a holiday home in Gelderland is becoming more and more interesting because of the increasing numbers of tourists. The occupation of the holiday parks is high throughout the year, so we can offer you an interesting annual return. The province is also becoming increasingly popular when it comes to purchasing a private holiday home. This is largely because of the beautiful nature, such as the Veluwe and the Achterhoek.