For years, having a second home in your own country, on the Costa del Sol or in the heart of the Austrian mountains was mostly reserved for people over 60. However, more and more people in their forties are starting to get interested in a holiday home.

This is pointed out by the organization behind the Second Home Exhibition, which can be visited today and tomorrow at the MECC Maastricht. "I find it quite remarkable: people in their forties are visiting the exhibition. At least, we are seeing more and more prams around the exhibition," says organizer Tom van den Brink. "These are smaller entrepreneurs, such as the self-employed, who are also figuring out their pensions."

The number of visitors at the Second Home Exhibition has been back on the rise since 2014. Back then, in the midst of the economic crisis, the exhibition had about 4000 visitors, but now it has around 7000 to 8000. There are also more vendors to be found at the exhibition. According to the organization, this confirms that this sector is on the rise.

Savings rate

This is mostly because the interest rate on savings is close to nothing. "This kind of return is no good," says Gerard Booij from Den Bosch. According to him, it is better to invest in stones. Last year, the former entrepreneur sold a large distribution center for a large sum, and invested this in the purchase of five holiday homes: four in Julianadorp, in North Holland, and one in Zandvoort.

"This gives a return of 6%, much better. Those homes are rented out to people looking for a week off 70% of the time. No problem."

Investing in stones, is this without any risk? Van den Brink: "No one can guarantee that the value of a holiday home forever stays the same or rises. But looking at the numbers of the previous years, the prices are very stable and even on the rise a bit at the moment. So that makes it a valuable investment."

It is unknown how many people in the Netherlands own a second home. Real estate agents' federation NVM does know how many second homes were sold in the Netherlands. This was 4330 in 2017, an increase of 15% compared to the year before. In 2018, it rose to 4700, based on the numbers from het Kadaster. According to the NVM, Zeeland is especially popular.

Spain number 1

According to the Second Home Exhibition, results of a recent survey of a thousand visitors show that Spain is the most popular country for a holiday home (27 percent). Next are the Netherlands (17 percent) and France (12 percent). The average purchase price of a second home is 234,000 Euros.

Half of the buyers rent the home out, and the other half uses it for private use, but also aims for the return on invested capital.


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