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TopParken - Verkoop "Buying a holiday home is becoming more popular"

Source: NVM
The market for second homes in the Netherlands has been rising sharply these past years. In 2017, a total of 4,330 recreational homes were sold, a rise of 15% compared to the year before.

This is evident from a research conducted by the Urban Planning Agency for NVM. After all, what could be better than forgetting about the worries of everyday life for a short while and relaxing at you own holiday home in beautiful nature, at the coast or in the heart of the forests? Perfect for hiking, cycling and enjoying the nature and each other's company.

According to NVM chairman Ger Jaarsma, Zeeland is especially popular these last few years. More recreational buildings are built here than in other regions, as well. "The demand for recreational homes is growing, while the supply is decreasing. Only top-tier homes are still plenty available. Almost half of all recreational homes of over 500,000 Euros are in Zeeland." However, the Wadden islands region is still the most expensive: with an average transaction price of €351,888 in 2017, the recreational homes here cost more than double the Dutch average.

A recreational home is not only a relaxing place to stay yourself, but also to rent to others. This is why it is more and more common to view a second home as a good investment. According to Jaarsma, homes between 250,000 and 500,000 are the most interesting in this case, depending on the location. "The demand for that price range is also increasing the most. This is certainly true for the most popular areas, such as the Zeeland coast." When purchasing a recreational home as an investment, you have to pay close attention to the rental potential, the quality of the home and the location, the financing and the yearly costs.

Holiday park
It is also possible to purchase a home in a holiday park. According to Jaarsma, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the park and the homes. More and more holiday parks are getting sanitized or transformed. Projects such as the "Vitale Vakantieparken" (Vibrant Holiday parks) program in the Veluwe are clearly bearing fruit, according to Jaarsma. This program aims to have a diverse and high-quality range of holiday parks on offer in the Veluwe. "Other provinces like North Brabant and Zeeland are also preparing strategies to sanitize or transform older parks. Especially big names in the market for recreational homes are investing heavily."

In the exclusive top-tier, such as in Zeeland, permanent occupancy is allowed. Living and recreation come together in these small-scale, luxurious projects. "This trend is seen more and more in two ways," says Jaarsma. "On the one hand, there is an increase of holiday parks around de Efteling, de Beekse Bergen and Slagharen. On the other hand, holiday parks are offering more and more attractions and new facilities. 'Water fun investments' are a clearly visible trend and 'family entertainment centers' are seen more often as part of resorts."

The future of recreational homes is bright. However, the NVM expects that the supply of lower-tier homes will keep decreasing and the average transaction price will increase. This is why Jaarsma would like to see more new buildings. Transformation and redevelopment of existing parks is also important, according to the NVM chairman. "NVM agents can be excellent advisers here, as they know what the demand in the market is and what the trends are. NVM agents also advise consumers when purchasing a recreational home."

Source: NVM

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