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NVM: "Sales of holiday accommodations have increased further."


A study by the Dutch Broker Association (NVM), carried out by the Bureau for Urban Planning, shows that once again, more holiday accommodations have been sold than during the preceding year. We've noticed as much at TopParken as well. Thanks among other factors to an increasing demand for vacations in The Netherlands, we are able to offer a great yield, making the purchase of a holiday accommodation at TopParken an interesting alternative to saving at a bank.

In 2016, the increase in sales of holiday accommodations amounted to 20%. The number of holiday accommodations already doubled in 2015. According to the NVM, the continuation of the trend is related to the low interest rates. Because saving barely yields any results, more people opt to invest their money in a second home.

New holiday accommodations
Existing homes are sold more rapidly, but many new accommodations are built as well. Last year saw the construction of 1200 recreational accommodations, the largest number of the century. The coastal regions and the Frisian Islands are the most popular locations. The traditionally highly tourist region of the Veluwe/Utrecht Hill Ridge is in trouble due to its largely outdated offer. At TopParken, we take advantage of this situation by creating a completely new villa park at Landgoed De Scheleberg in Lunteren.

New construction
The newest accommodations are constructed at the coast of North Holland. Construction is stagnating in South Holland and the Wadden region. The areas with a scarcity in the available offer are witnessing a sharp increase in prices. The average price for a holiday home on the Frisian Islands, for instance, is currently 300,000 Euros.

Average price
The national average price for a holiday accommodation is well above 140,000 Euros. That's 4% more than in 2015. It was hovering around 170,000 Euros during the record year of 2008, almost 17% higher compared to 2016.

Due to the increased demand, the NVM expects the average transaction price for holiday accommodations to increase further during the upcoming years, provided that the economic growth continues and that the interest rates remain low.


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