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Résidence Lichtenvoorde completes holiday park developments

Résidence Lichtenvoorde completes holiday park developments

Résidence Lichtenvoorde finishes holiday park developments with maypole

Source: Elna

LIEVELDE - What began twelve years ago with TopParken's takeover of Resort Lievelde, was crowned last week with the construction of the last vacation rental. Fully in keeping with the Achterhoek tradition, the completion of the 4 to 6 person vacation rental Notario took place with the placement of a maypole. Rodney de Haas, park manager at TopParken Résidence Lichtenvoorde, and his team are particularly proud of the preliminary final result.

By Annekée Cuppers

Park manager Rodney de Haas in front of the recently built Notario home with maypole. Photo: Annekée Cuppers

Park manager Rodney de Haas in front of the recently built Notario home with maypole. Photo: Annekée Cuppers

Story behind the Achterhoek traditions

If you live in Oost Gelre or the surrounding area, you may know Résidence Lichtenvoorde primarily by hospitality company Skik & zo that is located on the park. Many a successful family or corporate party has already taken place there, but the small-scale holiday park on Bosch Avenue offers so much more. "Last April, we opened Studio Boschlaan, a conference center equipped with all facilities, and the first weddings, parties and meetings have already been booked. But our holiday park also gets to welcome more and more guests both domestic and from abroad. We try to to inform them ab out the Achterhoek itself, and we find that the guests enjoy it too. People from the West don't know anything about the maypole for example and want to know why there is a decorated tree with beer cans over there. And we tell them about this Achterhoek tradition, about the story behind it."


Tourism in the Achterhoek is growing significantly, as Rodney has noticed. "Gelderland's biggest attraction is still the Veluwe. We do see that the Achterhoek is on the rise tremendously. I myself am not originally from the Achterhoek but am very charmed by how they do things here. What they do, they do well. As Résidence Lichtenvoorde, we have also been able to set up some great collaborations with local hospitality, supermarkets and recreation companies. This way, we complement each other and we can offer our guests even more of an experience, because that is what we are all about. To pleasantl surprise guests by the offer, of both park facilities and accommodations, as well as by all there is to experience in the Achterhoek. That fact that we center as much as possible around famliy plays a role as well. It does give a different feel to what we do here, and that helps set the atmosphere."

Proud of our results

And that approach seems to work. Résidence Lichtenvoorde has already received several awards from tour operators, has a high occupancy rate and regularly returning guests, just like all TopParken in the chain. "Also, the average age of our guests is steadily decreasing. For this reason, we now have an entertainment team in all vacations and the recreation basement has been upgraded too. Instead of the gray walls, large photos about area attractions offer additional ambiance and give guests some immediate information about what to do. The Kids Club got its own little cinema, again in response to the question, "What else can we do to maximize that experience?'"

With the completion of the last vacation rental , developments at the holiday park have come to a tentative end. "We are very proud that what we conceived of 10 years ago has actually come to fruition. We're going to enjoy that for now," Rodney concluded.


''Our guests like the fact that we bring the Achterhoek to their attention.''


TopParken Résidence Lichtenvoorde is a small-scale holiday park with 160 homes, ranging from accommodations for 2 to 14 persons in the middle and upper segment. In addition to a swimming pool, sauna, fitness and sports and game facilities for general use, some properties are equipped with a private pool and/or sauna and spa. The vacation rentals are privately owned. A few are still available for sale. The park focuses on short-term rental.


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