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The last vacation homes at Resort Veluwe will be for sale within a year.

The last vacation homes at Resort Veluwe will be for sale within a year.


In October 2020, TopParken acquired Camping De Hertshoorn in Garderen. In June 2021, we started selling the first new vacation homes. Within six weeks, these homes from phase one were sold out, and immediately after that, the second phase was started. Furthermore, this week, the third and final sales phase will commence now that homes from phase two are entirely sold out. A new and sustainable vacation home will be introduced within the last sales phase.

The popularity of domestic vacations is continuing to increase.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an additional boost in this trend. Furthermore, the increase in this popularity has impacted the demand for people looking to purchase their own vacation homes. "The fact that we have started the final sales phase at Resort Veluwe within a year shows that buying your own vacation home is still very popular," says Chadli Hachani, the marketing and formulation manager at TopParken. He continues: "Moreover, that is not very surprising. Especially now, having your own vacation home for personal use, rental use, or a combination of these is very appealing. The location of Resort Veluwe and its natural surroundings make it the perfect location to do this."

Veluwe Hoeve

"Purchasing your own vacation home is still very popular."

The Veluwe Hoeve

We are introducing the Veluwe Hoeve within the final sales phase. This is a new type of vacation home constructed with sustainable materials. There is the option of adding solar panels and sedum roofing to this vacation home to promote water storage, sustainability, biodiversity, and insulation. This introduction is the organization's response to the demand for sustainable vacation homes.

Get to know Resort Veluwe and the Veluwe Hoeve

Would you like more information about the vacation resort, the new sustainable vacation homes, and the possibilities? Then please feel free to request our brochure or make an appointment with one of our advisors.


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