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The Netherlands are increasingly popular: "10 million tourists in The Netherlands this summer".

10 million tourists in The Netherlands this summer, more from abroad

During July and August of this year, The Netherlands saw 10 million foreign tourists, Monday's results from the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) show. That is 4.4% more than during the same period last year.

The total number of overnight stays increased by 7.6% to 35 million. This is caused by tourists staying longer on average.

The share of domestic tourists has decreased slightly. Over 44 percent of all tourists in The Netherlands come from abroad. Five years ago, this share was still 39 percent.

Gelderland more popular among Dutch persons

With over half a million guests, Gelderland is the most popular destination among Dutch persons. Among foreign persons, Zeeland, North Holland and South Holland are most frequented.

Mainly amusement parks have become more popular. They attracted 12% more visitors, reports the CBS. The number of overnight stay at campsites, at hotels, at guesthouses, at youth hostels and at group accommodations has increased as well.

The tourist sector in The Netherlands has been doing well for some time now. The number of foreign tourists visiting The Netherlands has been increasing for nine years in a row. July and August are the busiest months for tourism.


10 million tourists in The Netherlands this summer, more from abroad

Increasing numbers of tourists in The Netherlands

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