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Buying a vacation home near Maastricht

Buy a holiday home close to Maastricht

Buy a holiday home near Maastricht

Enjoy the magical city of Maastricht whenever you want. At a roughly 20-minute drive from Maastricht, in the town of Schin op Geul, you'll find Résidence Valkenburg.  From this TopParken holiday park, you'll experience South Limburg at its best.  At Résidence Valkenburg you can buy a second home near Maastricht. Then you can enjoy the beautiful area of South Limburg all year long.

The last sales phase has sold out

There are no new holiday homes for sale anymore at Résidence Valkenburg.  Still looking for a new holiday home? We recently started sales of new holiday homes at our new holiday park Résidence Lage Vuursche! This park is located in the middle of the Netherlands, in Lage Vuursche.


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Visit Maastricht whenever you want

Feel like you are abroad in Maastricht. You will never tire from the southernmost city in The Netherlands. Outside of Maastricht there is also plenty to do. Think of a visit to the atmospheric Valkenburg or a discovery tour through the hilly landscape of South Limburg.

When you buy a holiday home for private use you will feel Limburg's hospitality every day! It is also possible to make a holiday home available for partial/complete renting. An interesting revenue is available if you choose this option.