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Buy holiday home in Lage Vuursche

Buy holiday home in Lage Vuursche

  • Newly developed holiday park
  • In the middle of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug
  • Detached holiday villas
  • One of the most beautiful villages of the Netherlands

Buying a holiday home in Lage Vuursche

Lage Vuursche is a small village in the Utrecht province which is very attractive to tourists, we welcome more than 2 million visitors each year here. The TopParken holiday park under development, Résidence Lage Vuursche, gives you the opportunity to buy a holiday home Lage Vuursche. The many recreational opportunities in the area are not only potentially interesting for you, but also for potential letting of the home. Thanks to the forests in the area, this is the perfect location for activities such as cycling, hiking, and horseback riding.


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About Résidence Lage Vuursche

  • Luxurious holiday homes on very large plots 
  • Including private land and complete landscaping.
  • Can be expanded with a sauna, outdoor shower, hot tub and/or storage room.
  • For private use or to rent out (fixed net yield).
  • In the beautiful forested are of National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug.
  • One of the most beautiful villages in the Netherlands.
  • Near towns like Hilversum, Amersfoort, and Soest.
  • At a short distance from the Loosdrechtse Plassen.

Second home for sale in Lage Vuursche

Lage Vuursche is very suitable for the purchase of a second home. The historical town is surrounded by forests and nature reserves, and is located at a reasonable distance from Utrecht, Amersfoort, and Hilversum. This central location in the middle of nature makes it very attractive to tourists as well. That's why, when buying a holiday home in Lage Vuursche, you have multiple options for using the home.

▶ Private use -
If you choose full private use, only you will use the holiday home and you can not make it available for letting. You can go to your holiday home at any moment you wish, but are not allowed to reside there permanently.

▶ Letting -
When choosing this option you cannot stay in the holiday home yourself, but every quarter you will receive a percentage of the rental yield. Furthermore, the letting is fully taken care of by the professional letting agency of TopParken.

▶ Private use and letting -
There also is a third option where you combine private use with partial letting. When you do not stay in the holiday home yourself, you can make it available for letting. In this case the yield depends on how often you make the home available for letting.

Read more about the various options below:

Why choose TopParken?

Why choose TopParken? It's good to know that we have over 40 years of experience in the sale and rental of vacation homes. Thanks to partnerships with and BungalowSpecials, our vacation parks have a high occupancy throughout the year, which is very beneficial if you want to rent out your home.

If you have always dreamed of having your own vacation home in a unique, wooded location, then buying a vacation home in Lage Vuursche is a unique opportunity. Feel free to ask for our brochure or schedule an appointment.