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Buying a cottage in Tilburg

  • At a short distance from Tilburg
  • Interesting net return
  • For personal use, renting out, or a combination of these options
  • Many facilities at the park

Buy a cottage near Tilburg

Have you been looking for a while for your own cottage, near the Brabant city of Tilburg, where you can enjoy unlimited vacations or take advantage of an interesting net return? If so, Resort de Brabantse Kempen, 23 car minutes from Tilburg or Résidence de Leuvert, 26 car minutes from Tilburg, may be the ideal location for your own cottage. At these holiday parks, TopParken offers several cottages and vacation rentals suitable for up to 6 persons, for sale for personal use, partial letting or full letting. View our selection of cottages near Tilburg, or request more information. We are here for you in the search for your own cottage!


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The advantages of a cottage near Tilburg

Investing in a own cottage offers several advantages. Especially if you choose to fully rent out your cottage, in which case the rental process can generate more returns than traditional bank savings. Moreover, you can also choose to buy your cottage for your own use: this way, you can enjoy your second home without limits. Another option is to choose partial letting, which lets you decide when to let your cottage and when to use it yourself. So you enjoy vacation fun and also benefit from an interesting return per year. Finally, with your own cottage near Tilburg, you can make unlimited use of the holiday park's many facilities, including indoor and outdoor pools, sports fields, playgrounds, indoor wellness, and much more.


    If you decide to rent out the property, you will receive an interesting return.

    Professional rental organization

    If you opt for renting out, this will be fully taken care of by our rental organization.


    You and your guests have unlimited use of the amazing facilities the park has at its disposal.

    Reliable partner

    TopParken has many years of experience in the recreation industry, which makes it a reliable organization.

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Resort de Brabantse Kempen

Résidence de Leuvert

A cottage near Tilburg: something for everyone

The diverse surrounding area of Resort de Brabantse Kempen and Résidence de Leuvert offer something for everyone: thanks to the location of your cottage near tourist attractions, nature reserves and large cities, the possibilities for a day or weekend away are endless. For example, go on an adventure at Safaripark Beekse Bergen, take a hiking or biking tour through De Brabantse Kempen nature reserve, or visit neighboring Belgium. Moreover, there is also plenty to do for all age groups in nearby cities of Tilburg and Eindhoven. Considera day of shopping, visiting museums, or enjoying Brabant hospitality at one of the many restaurants.


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