• Newest holiday park
  • For private use and (partial) rental purposes
  • Near Apeldoorn
  • Located at only one hour by car from the Randstad

Buying a holiday accommodation in Beekbergen

The newest TopParken holiday park is located in Beekbergen (Gelderland), near Apeldoorn. Recreatiepark Beekbergen offers brand new holiday accommodations for sale, suitable for private use and for partial/full rental purposes. You can decide for yourself whether you want to use the holiday accommodation personally or to let our professional rental department rent it out. When the choice is made to rent the holiday home out fully, an attractive yield of up to 7% is possible.

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Holiday accommodations for sale in Beekbergen

Holiday park in Beekbergen

Enjoy a forested view of the Veluwe throughout the year. Recreatiepark Beekbergen near Apeldoorn offers many facilities, such as a heated outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant.

Would you like to set out into the area? If so, the tourist town of Beekbergen is a very suitable location. With the vibrant town of Apeldoorn at 15 minutes, you can visit Het Loo Palace, Children's Entertainment Park Julianatoren or the pleasant inner city easily. Would you like to explore nature? Visit De Hoge Veluwe National Park or follow various cycling and hiking routes starting at the park. A wonderful time every day of the year!

Recreatiepark Beekbergen has a large offer of luxurious holiday homes.


Experience the Veluwe in Beekbergen

Experience the Veluwe from your own holiday accommodation. Spring, summer, autumn and winter... each season offers its own charm! The plant and animal life at the Veluwe has a different look every day.

The (inter)national tourist has taken notice of this as well. Throughout the year, the Veluwe is visited by those looking for some quiet as well as cycling enthusiasts, among others. In addition, it is a location that's exceptionally suitable to enjoying some time with friends or family.

Increasing levels of tourism in Beekbergen

The village of Beekbergen is surrounded by greenery, forests and farmlands. Hidden in the forests are several campsites, holiday parks and hotels. In addition to the green environment, there is plenty to do in the immediate vicinity as well, including a day outing to the Apenheul. It is also the reason why Beekbergen is visited with increasing frequency by holiday makers or those using holiday accommodations. This means you won't have to worry about an attractive yield of up to 7% when you choose to rent your holiday home out fully.

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More about a holiday accommodation in Beekbergen

Thanks, among other things, to the central location of Recreatiepark Beekbergen, the holiday park offers a great opportunity to enjoy the Veluwe at your own holiday accommodation. You could also choose to rent your holiday home out partially/fully. When doing so, we will take away all of your worries related to tasks such as cleaning, maintenance and the rental process for your holiday accommodations. We will take care of all of it!

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