Buying a holiday home as a foreigner

Do you live abroad but visit the Netherlands on a regular basis? Or are you an expat working abroad, but do you still regularly come to the Netherlands for family visits, among other things? Then investing in buying a holiday home as a foreigner or expat is an interesting option. This holiday home can serve as your permanent place to stay when you are in the Netherlands, and when you are not there it can be rented out. You indicate when you are in the Netherlands and when you are not there you make the house available for rental. Thanks to our professional rental organization you do not have to worry about this, ideal for your situation. View the options for buying a holiday home as an expat.

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At 17 locations in the Netherlands

You can buy a holiday home as an expat in the Netherlands at one of TopParken's 17 holiday parks in the Netherlands. These parks are spread throughout the country in Gelderland, Utrecht, South Holland, North Holland, Limburg and Noord-Brabant. For example, there is always a holiday park in the region where your family and friends live or where you often have to be for work. In addition to buying a holiday home as your base in the Netherlands, you can also benefit from an interesting net return per year. If you do not use the house yourself, you can easily make it available for rental. For optimal occupancy, we work together with renowned tour operators such as and BungalowSpecials.

The benefits of TopParken:

✔️ Locations throughout the Netherlands

✔️ The combination of own use and rental makes it ideal for foreigners and expats

✔️ Rental, maintenance, cleaning and administration are provided by us

✔️ Attractive rental return

Are you interested in buying a holiday home as a foreigner or as an expat? You can request more information without obligation or contact us to make an appointment. Our advisers are happy to help you with the search for your second home.

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