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Buying a second home for rental

Buying a second home for rental

  • Buying a second home in a holiday park
  • Very interesting for rental
  • Interesting return
  • Rental via professional rental organization

Interesting net return

In recent years, buying a second home at a holiday park in the Netherlands has proved to be an interesting investment . More and more Dutch and foreign tourists are interested in visiting holiday parks. With an increase of more than 10% of tourists at holiday parks in the Netherlands, the returns to be achieved when renting a second home can be called quite interesting, as well.

TopParken offers 17 holiday parks in various places in the Netherlands. Here, you do not only enjoy a wide choice of holiday homes, but in terms of location you can create your second home to your wishes, too. Furthermore, at TopParken you have various options in terms of investment and rental, as well. From full rental with a fixed return, to partial rental allowing you to enjoy your second home, too.


Buying a second home as an investment

Would you like to buy a second home as an investment ? Then there are 2 different types of investment. For example, you can choose to buy a holiday home only for the rental , in this case you don't use it yourself. You are now investing in a home where you receive a fixed return on the rental income. You know in advance exactly how much return you are going to receive during a predetermined period without any extra costs such as minor maintenance.

You can choose to buy a second home where you partly use the house yourself and partly rent out the house, as well . You are now investing in a home where you opt for a return based on forecast. The return in this case depends on when and how often you release the house for rental as well as the rental income from the house.

In both cases, TopParken supports you from the very beginning to the end with your investment and makes use of the full TopParken rental service. This means you don't have to worry about the entire rental process of your holiday home, but you do enjoy the earnings.

Finally, it is of course possible at TopParken to buy a holiday home entirely for own use, as well .

Buying a second home in a TopParken holiday park

When you would like to buy a holiday home in a holiday park, of course, the location, facilities and accessibility are very important. The holiday parks of TopParken are all situated in locations that are accessible and really made for tourists in the Netherlands. Which significantly increases the rental opportunities for a second home. TopParken invests in both the holiday parks and the surrounding area, too. They make use of sustainable solutions as much as possible and they sponsor local charities.

Buying a second home in a TopParken holiday park is not just investing in a regular holiday home. Your tenants and you enjoy all the facilities at the holiday park, as well. This allows you and your tenants to offer a luxury holiday home with the service of a resort. Furthermore, when renting out, cleaning is facilitated by TopParken, too, so you don't have to worry about this either.

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