• Detached vacation villas
  • Located in the popular village of Lage Vuursche
  • Close to the Loosdrecht Lakes (30 min)

Vacation home for sale near the Loosdrecht Lakes

The newly developed vacation resort of Résidence Lage Vuursche, a vacation resort of TopParken, offers you the opportunity to purchase a stunning vacation home in the Netherlands near Loosdrecht. The vacation resort is located in the unique and woodsy surroundings of Lage Vuursche: a popular destination that attracts more than two million visitors each year. This is not only a gorgeous place to stay during your vacation itself, but it is also the perfect place for renting out your vacation home. The numerous recreational opportunities near the resort and beautiful surroundings make this a top location!

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Purchasing a vacation home near Loosdrecht

Soon, TopParken will start sales phase one at Résidence Lage Vuursche. A total of 83 sustainable vacation villas will be constructed. All of them will be detached and on private land. The vacation villas are situated on very spacious plots of land and can accommodate up to four people. From your villa, you will have a stunning view of the woodsy surroundings of Lage Vuursche. The large windows provide a beautiful view of the surroundings and lots of light. Thanks to the size of the plots of land, you can enjoy the spaciousness and a high degree of privacy. The vacation homes feature 70 m² of living space and are furnished very modernly.

Résidence Lage Vuursche

Résidence Lage Vuursche is located in an authentic village in the center of the Netherlands. The woodsy environment, many stores, charming restaurants, and numerous recreational opportunities ensure that many people visit this lovely village every year. When you decide to purchase a vacation home near Loosdrecht, you will then have several options for how to use the home:

  • Personal use - First, you can choose to purchase the vacation home entirely for personal use. In that case, you will use the vacation house exclusively for yourself, and you cannot rent it out. You can stay in your vacation house whenever you want. However, permanent residence is not allowed.
  • Rental use - The next option is rental use. You cannot stay in the vacation home yourself, but you will receive a percentage of the rental earnings each quarter. Our professional rental organization will take care of the entire rental process.
  • A combination of personal and rental use - The third and final possibility is to combine personal use and rental use. Are you not staying in the vacation home yourself? Then you can rent it out. The earnings depend on how often you have made the home available for guests to rent.

The various options:

Why choose TopParken?

Why choose TopParken? It is good to know that we have more than 40 years of experience in selling and renting out vacation homes. Thanks to our partnerships with Booking.com and BungalowSpecials, among other companies, our vacation resorts have a high occupancy rate throughout the year, which is very advantageous if you decide to rent out your vacation home.

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