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De "Recreational park Beekbergen doubles number of holiday homes"

De Stentor - By Arnoud Heins

Recreational park Beekbergen doubles its number of holiday homes at their thoroughly renovated complex to 180! Those who haven't been to Recreational park Beekbergen for half a year might think they've got the wrong place when driving onto the grounds. Not only because the entrance on the Kuiltjesweg has moved a few hundred meters, but the park itself has also had a big change. The size has increased a few soccer fields' worth, and the existing part has been renovated.

Also interesting to note is that you are no longer blocked by a gate at the entrance. A conscious choice made by TopParken, the owner since April. It wants to express openness, also at the park itself, which it seems to succeed at. However, this is also due to the fact that the complex is still being developed and it is a bit bare. "In May, all of this was still a wild forest," says TopParken adviser Michael Jansen about the new area. "We built roads and a pond." Colleague Patrick van den Hoek hurries to add that as little nature as possible was damaged during the process. The infrastructure is now complete, but a large part along the new asphalt roads is still bare. 88 brand new holiday homes are planned to be built here in the new area of the park. Added to the ninety 'old' accommodations, and the number has been doubled.

Jansen: "All facilities are installed, so we can get to work immediately." And Jansen has an important role in this. Before they are built, Jansen has to first sell the holiday homes. "We started in May, and 25 percent has been sold. We are happy with this. The buyers can be divided into two categories. There is the emotional buyer, who purchases one as a second home. Then there is the rational buyer, who are looking to rent out their holiday home. This is always done via TopParken, so there will be no proliferation."

Hard work to built the homes is currently underway around the part of Recreational park Beekbergen where this literally happened. A few are already inhabitable. Comparing these to the holiday homes that were already there when this park was still called de Pallieter is quickly vitiated. However, the older part also benefit from TopParken taking over. The roads there have also been renewed, as well as the outdoor swimming pool and the restaurant Robin Food, where former Michelin-star chef Peter Driehuis cooks the food. "Those at the older part are still part of the family," says Jansen. "We try to include them in everything. After all, they are the ambassadors of the park."

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