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Recreational homes for sale in the Netherlands

At TopParken you have countless possibilities to purchase a recreational home in the Netherlands. You have a wide choice of properties in 17 different holiday resorts in the Netherlands that can be found on the coast, in the Veluwe, or in Limburg. If you purchase a holiday home in the Netherlands from TopParken, you have the option of buying it completely for your personal use, but you can also opt to partially or completely rent out the home. Because the TopParken holiday resorts are located in popular tourist areas, renting out your recreational home is an attractive option. Many domestic and foreign tourists spend their holidays at one of our holiday resorts every year. This provides many possibilities and opportunities for you when you choose to purchase a holiday home in the Netherlands.

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Holiday homes for sale in the Netherlands

Purchasing a holiday home in the Netherlands from TopParken means that you can feel good about your investment. Best of all, it also means that you will receive an interesting return on investment. Naturally, this return depends on how you use the property: private use, rental income, or a combination thereof. Would you like to receive the highest net return? Then opt for full rental, whereby you renounce your private use. In doing so, purchasing a holiday home in the Netherlands becomes a wortwhile alternative for bank savings. If you would also like to use the holiday home for yourself every now and then, your return will depend on the rental income. Please keep in mind that there are different fiscal aspects depending on how you use your holiday home.


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If you buy a holiday home in the Netherlands, you'll enjoy even more advantages in addition to the many years of experience of TopParken. For example, TopParken offers its own professional rental organization . This rental organization takes all the work off your hands and provides the complete rental of your holiday home in the Netherlands. In order to achieve a high occupancy, we collaborate with renowned parties such as Booking.com and BungalowSpecials. Furthermore, each TopParken holiday park offers extensive facilities that both you and your guests can make unlimited use of. A complete holiday in a holiday home in the Netherlands, that is what you can expect from TopParken. Are you interested in buying a holiday home in the Netherlands? Request the brochure or make an appointment with a consultant the button below.

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