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What kind of buyer am I?

The motivation for purchasing a second home can vary for different persons. What kind of buyer are you? Take the test!


1. The family person

(Full private use)
Enjoying the fresh outdoor air and the first warm rays of sunlight at the veranda with family and friends. A good glass of wine, nice food, funny anecdotes and the children's laughter in the background. And the best thing is that tomorrow will be just like today. Investing in a second home means investing in leisure time. You love the idea of having a place to go to during the weekends and holidays in order to trade in the stress of everyday life for pure relaxation. Quality time with family and friends is very important to you. You would like to have your second home at your disposal at all times, and therefore decide not to rent out the accommodation.

2. The clever bonvivant

(Combination of rental and private use)
You like the idea of getting away for a few days now and then. Escaping the daily grind with your partner or with the family and recharging at a different, yet still familiar, environment. The accommodation itself, the area and the park must all appeal to you. You want to avoid high costs though, it shouldn't be a source of worries in itself. That's why you choose to rent the accommodation out during the times you are not using it. This way, you can cover the costs of owning a second home, or even make a profit.

3. The private investor

(100% rental)
You are looking for a tangible investment (for your savings). You want to have a good feeling about the recreational home, but the interest is the deciding factor when making your decision on whether or not to purchase the accommodation. You consider past rental results and/or rental forecasts for the future. The rent must be organized in a professional manner, and the park's operations must be healthy as well. You look at owning a second home from a business point of view. And if you get to use it yourself at some point in the future, that's a nice bonus.

4. The investor playing it safe

(Yield guarantee)
You're looking for a safe investment, and want to know what you should expect regarding the returns on your own capital before you invest. You want to be sure that you will receive a fixed amount during a number of years. The product is of secondary importance to you. In fact, the accommodation must be maintained for you, freeing you of all care when it comes to the object. The accommodation must also kept up-to-date in case you would like to resell it.


Regardless of which type of buyer you are, you should always seek advice from a specialist in the field of recreational real estate. This way, you avoid buying an accommodation that does not match your wishes completely.


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More information about the purchase of a holiday accommodation?