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The Netherlands is almost as popular again for foreign guests as it was before corona

This year almost as many tourists to The Netherlands as before corona

Incoming stay–over tourism is expected to return to almost the same level as before corona, and the popularity of a vacation in one's own country is increasing. This was announced by the International Vacation Monitor of the Netherlands Bureau for Tourism & Congresses (NBTC). This stimulates both the recreation sector and the local economy. After all, the income from tourism is growing. The NBTC survey has shown that 80% of respondents from The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom intend to go on vacation this year. A large portion of the foreign tourists that The Netherlands receives every year comes from one of the countries just mentioned.

Our desire to travel is back again

The number of Dutch people going on vacation in their own country will increase in 2023. That number increased by 11% last year compared to 2019. While this year it is expected to increase further by +2% to 13%.  After three corona years, the NBTC also expects foreign tourism to largely return to the level of 2019 this year (92%). The study shows that it is expected that 6.4 million Germans will stay in The Netherlands this year. This is even an increase of +4% compared to 2019.  This increase in tourism in The Netherlands will also be visible at vacation parks. After all, more tourists means a higher occupancy.

The Vacation Sentiment Monitor shows that a quarter of respondents have already booked a vacation, with most people leaving in Q1 and Q2.  In addition, about half of the respondents still have to book their vacation. And of those, 56% are already orienting themselves.  Jos Vranken, general director of the NBTC: "We see that people really want to continue to travel; the intention to go on vacation in 2023 is high". In The Netherlands, people mainly opt for a quiet spot and accommodation with flexible conditions.

Positive for recreation in The Netherlands

The recreation sector is picking up again like before corona and that is, of course, positive news for vacation destination The Netherlands and the tourism sector. "In 2023 we will continue towards the recovery of international tourism," according to Vranken.  Vranken indicates at RTL news that he considers it likely that Dutch people want to go on vacation in their own country, since this way it is cheaper than a trip abroad.  People will consciously choose to deviate from the crowd, travel more sustainably, stay longer in The Netherlands, and contribute to the local economy. 

Investing in vacation homes

The foreign tourist knows how to find The Netherlands again, and the number of Dutch people going on vacation in their own country is increasing. This is, of course, very favorable for the recreation sector. After all, the income from tourism is increasing, and the occupancy rate of a vacation house is increasing along with the tourist growth. This makes it appealing, especially now, to invest in a vacation house in The Netherlands and rent it out. TopParken has a wide range of vacation homes at various vacation parks that are available for sale immediately. This way you also benefit from the increasing vacation intention within The Netherlands.


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