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TopParken - Verkoop
TopParken new developer Dommelsvoort Cuijk - The Dutch Palm

TopParken new developer Dommelsvoort Cuijk

Commencing work on luxurious holiday park "The Dutch Palm" within a year

JWP Investments, whose ownership includes holiday park chain "TopParken", will be developing holiday park Dommelsvoort. The necessary agreements to do so were recently signed by the municipality of Cuijk and this developer.

TopParken will take on the role of developer for holiday park Dommelsvoort, and will transform it into: The Dutch Palm. During the next three to five years, TopParken will be constructing around 700 high-quality, luxurious holiday homes in the area adjacent to the Kraaijenberg lakes. It will be the site of a holiday peninsula with many high-quality facilities, reminiscent of the well-known artificially created Palm Islands in Dubai. In addition to luxurious and high-quality holiday accommodations and villas, numerous facilities for visitors of all ages will be created as well, all with an eye for sustainability, quality and the magnificent surroundings. Within a period of one year, the first construction activities will commence. The area will be developed in several phases. With around 75 hectares of land, this will be one of the largest holiday resorts in Europe.

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The Dutch Palm - TopParken

For illustration purposes: an impression of the development of Palm Island Dubai, which serves as an inspiration for The Dutch Palm in Cuijk.

Promising area

The company sees potential in the area of Dommelsvoort, because a full-sized and high-quality resort with many facilities can be developed at this location, on a private peninsula. This does justice to the area, the location, and is unique for The Netherlands. TopParken deems the development and the area a fantastic expansion to its portfolio, and wants to use a "Dutch Palm Island" to develop a leading area that will put the region of Cuijk and The Netherlands on the map as a special destination.

Quick start and execution

The municipality of Cuijk is happy about the cooperation with TopParken. Alderman Maarten Jilisen: "Dommelsvoort is a magnificent area with plenty of possibilities. It is fantastic that we now see such rapid development of a plan that connects to the area and our ambitions seamlessly. Everything is ready for a quick start and execution."

The Dutch Palm - TopParken

For illustration purposes: an impression of the development of Palm Island Dubai, which serves as an inspiration for The Dutch Palm in Cuijk.

Prior history

The area development in Dommelsoort has a long prior history. What started with the selection of developer Consortium Van Boekel BV (Zeeland) and ABC Vastgoed (Arnhem) in 2000, resulted in a legal conflict in 2016 because construction of the holiday park was neglected by this developer. The municipality, however, had met all of its obligations, such as the advance financing of land and development costs, the relocation of a family of badgers, creation of the infrastructure, and the construction of the bridge. The zoning plan was made in 2012 as well. New developer TopParken is taking over the rights and obligations of the previous developer. The plans for the holiday park match with the zoning plan, as well as the previously set out frameworks for the area.

Mayor Hillenaar of the municipality of Cuijk: "It is now primarily time to look forward, and to make use of the opportunities of the area. We cannot wait until the park is finished and the first guests can come enjoy the watery area and our beautiful region."


The family company, which was founded in 1970 and has since managed 70 holiday parks, has used the brand name TopParken since 2005 and has grown into one of the better-known high-quality developers in the field of luxurious holiday resorts in the Netherlands over the past years. TopParken currently has 20 holiday parks of their own, of which several are still being developed, and is a leading holiday provider with a focus on distinguished holiday resorts in The Netherlands.

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