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Buy holiday home near Amsterdam

Buy a holiday home nearby the city of Amsterdam

  • At just 30 minutes from Amsterdam
  • Holiday home for own use or rental
  • Combine coziness with ultimate peace

Buy a holiday home in Amsterdam

Close to all the advantages and conveniences of the historic and vibrant city of Amsterdam, but without all the hectic and crowded places. This is the advantage when you buy a holiday home in the Amsterdam area. Enjoy peace and nature, but at the same time enjoy the museums, canals, nightlife, culture and shopping of Amsterdam within reach.

Would you also like to have your own place where you can completely relax, enjoy the beautiful Dutch nature and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? A holiday home where you can go at any time and enjoy your personal freedom? Buying a holiday home in the city of Amsterdam is the perfect solution.


Or take a look at our holiday park in North Holland.


Buy a holiday home at a holiday park near Amsterdam

By buying a holiday home at Park Westerkogge , Recreatiepark de Woudhoeve or at one of our parks in Noordwijk: Recreatiepark Noordwijkse Duinen or Parc du Soleil , you can go on holiday whenever you want. You have your own place, completely furnished to your own taste, with all the conveniences and facilities which offers the park. This way you can easily enjoy a relaxing and luxurious holiday or weekend away. Make use of the many facilities that the parks offer, such as a swimming pool, restaurants and / or sports facilities. In addition, you also have the beach of the North Sea within reach! Both for yourself and for the children, this means a lot of fun and a wonderful holiday.

Furthermore, you can invite all your friends and your family to enjoy all this luxury as you do. This is not a standard holiday home, but your own cozy home. The best thing about your own holiday home is that if you do not use it yourself, you can rent the holiday home very easily. Therefore it's a good investment for your enjoyment and your wallet.


Service and advantages of TopParken

However, take into consideration the other benefits when you buy a holiday home at TopParken, too! So you have the possibility to very easily rent your holiday home , and of course your guests use the same great facilities as you! The big advantage of TopParken is that they, with their excellent network, also help you with both the rental and cleaning of your holiday home! Buying a holiday home at TopParken is not only about silence and relaxation, it's a good investment with excellent returns, too .

Learn more about buying a holiday home in Amsterdam

Have you always wanted a holiday home near bustling Amsterdam and with the beaches within easy reach? Then buying a holiday home for both your own use and rental would be a perfect investment. Request our brochure today without obligation.